01 April 2014

Keep Moving Forward

In the midst of our thesis and internship, I found ways to indulge on other things as well. Like not going to work for a day because it coincides with the musical concert where famous Disney soundtracks were given tribute. I've a poor sense of priorities, remember? Just kidding. I nicely asked permission from the supervisors to allow me to be absent due to 'personal reasons'. Here are photos taken last September.

 photo IMG_3250_zps2de2162f.jpg
Tank top: Topshop | Knitted cardigan: from Macau | long golden skirt: Verlyn Guiyab | Belt: H&M | Necklace: from Macau | Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction

Just days ago, I was watching Meet the Robinsons. It's a favorite if only because of this particular resounding scene that is true in every way you look at it. If there's anything that Disney teaches everyone, it's that against all odds, we just have to keep moving forward. 

Lewis: Look, I'm sorry your life turned out so bad. But don't blame me you messed it up yourself. You just focused on the bad stuff when all you had to do was... let go of the past and keep moving forward...
Bowler Hat Guy: Hmm, let's see... take responsiblity for my own life or blame you? Dingdingdingdingding! Blame you wins hands down!

 photo IMG_3244_zps20661930.jpg
 photo IMG_3267_zpsff93003a.jpg
 photo IMG_3245_zpsffe4a14b.jpg
 photo IMG_3252_zps26a15f18.jpg

Thanks to my thesismate Kim Sta. Rita for being very very kind and accommodating!

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