02 April 2014

Out and About Part 2

Here's the other half of the previous post under the same title which you can find HERE. There, I'm making my life easier by documenting as a whole what I've done during the past months that I haven't been blogging. There seems to be lapses among the months but that's only because I'm going to post a few in-between events in separate entries.

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November 2013: Visited my goddaughter Paris. Afterwards, my friends and I grabbed lunch, dessert, and of course some drinks.

 photo IMG_3752_zpsd2317ba7.jpg photo IMG_3751_zpse279a40a.jpg
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November 2013: Because he's my mom's favorite local singer, we watched his 10th year anniversary concert in PICC. Jed Madela, as expected of him, validated why he's still in the industry.
Dress: Zara | Inner top: Zara | Fringe necklace: The Ramp | Black and gold necklace: Debenhams | Shoes: Zara | Ring: G by Guess | Bangles: Aldo | Watch: Tommy Hilfiger

 photo IMG_3929_zps2da4b0b7.jpg photo IMG_3932_zps70079c81.jpg
December 2013: I spent an entire afternoon with one of my college best friends.

 photo IMG_3943_zpsa1370595.jpg
December 2013: my beloved cousin

 photo IMG_3951_zpsab19a4bd.jpg photo IMG_3949_zps402f6b41.jpg
December 2013: We were supposed to attend our HS reunion but my 'introvert'-ness kicked in so it was just the three of us.

 photo IMG_4341_zps5c7a0d03.jpg photo IMG_4342_zpsf3310766.jpg
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January 2014: We went to Cebu for Sinulog. It was my first time. If I were to rate our 5 day, 4-night stay there with 10 stars as 10 being the highest, I'd give it an 11! 

 photo IMG_4364_zps1360de20.jpg photo IMG_4365_zpsaf03c54c.jpg
January 2014: Catching up with Lina

 photo IMG_4388_zps27f76c30.jpg photo IMG_4411_zps869b7b02.jpg
 photo IMG_4398_zps13d84c5d.jpg photo IMG_4403_zpsc5e9e7ba.jpg
 photo IMG_4413_zpscfcad326.jpg photo IMG_4415_zps0e7f4b91.jpg
January 2014: It was a thursday. It was my last Happy Thursday!
Cardigan: Gap | Top: from Bangkok | Pants: Zara

 photo IMG_4426_zps6c66ba13.jpg
February 2014: I went to Shangri-La to look for shoes to wear for my graduation.
Top: H&M | Shorts: from Korea | Flats: Pedro | Bag: Kipling | Bangles: Mango

 photo IMG_2930_zps9c77d984.jpg
February 2014: Graduation day with my two grandmothers

 photo IMG_4534_zps29d31cfd.jpg photo IMG_4546_zps38ec7bfb.jpg
 photo IMG_4550_zps96bfecc7.jpg photo IMG_4537_zpsd2af889a.jpg
February 2014: What was supposed to be a lunch date turned out to be an impromptu shopping date as well! 
Lace top, cardigan and pants: Old Navy | Necklace: Promod | Flats: from Vietnam

 photo IMG_4609_zps71e41d6e.jpg photo IMG_4613_zps72c1158c.jpg
February 2014: Quick movie (The Book Thief) and tea date

 photo IMG_4635_zps110d17ea.jpg photo IMG_4626_zpsb22b4a42.jpg
 photo IMG_4621_zpsd6744e26.jpg photo IMG_4628_zps6b60e8d4.jpg
 photo IMG_4634_zpsfc4f28d9.jpg photo IMG_4625_zps600802e1.jpg
February 2014: Met up with TRIBO for Gel's birthday

 photo IMG_4629jpg_zpsa386620b.jpg photo IMG_4560_zps0619c40f.jpg
February 2014: Teddy Bears!!

 photo IMG_4657_zps96c68b27.jpg photo IMG_4655_zps883f270f.jpg
March 2014: Weekly hang out

 photo IMG_4688_zpsa967c2b8.jpg photo IMG_4673_zpsb698fd47.jpg
March 2014: I slept over Lina's place.

 photo IMG_4703_zpsc805cf78.jpg
March 2014: Celebrated my Daddy's birthday in Food Club

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