04 March 2010

The Scream

I was browsing for more shoes online when I suddenly come cross with this pair:

 Description: It's red. Has 6 inches heels. Created by Pleaser.

Take it or leave it?

03 March 2010

Dream Team

Broadway had been presented yesterday. Still, I couldn't get over with its aftermath =)))))))))) We practiced for 3 days, prepared the props for less than 5 days, and had TDR not even once. So how did I possibly believe our class can do justice to Wicked? Simple. I just let everyone do their own thing. We were never even complete during any of our 3 practices. Not that I could blame them. I didn't even do any reminding. I just let everyone do their own thing. During our last practice though, which happened right after our 4th quarter exams and a day before our Math exam, my hope alleviated upon seeing the finish product. It was actually good. Hahaha. On the day of the actual presentation, I found out that our preparations weren't enough and that I wasn't able to push my classmates enough as well. Oh well, there's no room for any regrets now. Our Broadway turned out to be good, in a very very weird sort of way. I'm not blaming anyone for whatever had happened. After all, I just let everyone do their own thing.

I want to thank everyone in my class for putting up with all the instructions I gave. You all did a good job!! Especially on the costume department ;) Thank You to those who attended all 3 practices thus making my life easier: Jana Rodriguez, Jaslee Mendoza, Jerica Rivera, Lexie Reyes, Christine Verzosa, Angeli Anastacio, Janica Barrera, Karen Soledad, Louizel Pinoy, Steph Patricio, Alex Mejia. There are some of my classmates whom I would like to thank personally because of the extra effort they had exerted: Lexie Reyes, Angeli Anastacio, Shiela Pilar and Vanessa Tan. Lastly, thank you big big time to Cha Valeriano :> I couldn't come up with a, uhm, good production without you guys!
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