27 November 2010

What I wore (Loulai's 18th)

 While my hair was still on progress
 Even after hours of partying, my make up was still intact
My friends complimented the cut and the design of my gown. All thanks to the genius behind this :)

Thanks to Basement Salon, which is situated just across Shangri-La Mall, for my hair and make up. They have the friendliest staff I've ever met.

 And thanks to Ju-one of the House of Laurel for making my gown as pretty as I hoped it would be despite my very demanding requests. Hihihi. Until my next splurge ;)

More like the Phantom of the Opera

I've developed a certain admiration for some of the operas and broadway presentations eversince I had an original copy of Wicked. From then on, I made it a point that I'll get to watch as many broadways as possible, may it be in DVD copy or hopefully, in broadway itself. Anyway, going back to what this blog is really about...

I attended Lourraine Hernandez' 18th birthday just a couple of hours ago in Wack wack Country Club. And as expected, her debut turned into another big reunion party of our batch. I jumped from one table to another, greeting and exchanging stories with the people who have never failed to make me feel that I'm in my comfort zone again.

Thank you, Loulai! For throwing another party and for making it possible for me, Karen and Barbs to be part of your 18 Treasures :)

They will forever be my favorite
my best friend Karen
 TRIBO :">
 Carmina, Jyn, Janica, Tini and Shiina
early birds

24 November 2010

I'm Entangled

OMG it broke my heart knowing that this movie might be the last princess Disney will ever make.

'Tangled' is basically the story of Rapunzel. Remember the famous line, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair?" It's about her, yes. The voices in this movie were borrowed from Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi. I really really wish Disney won't stop producing the likes of Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Snow White, Belle, Jasmine and even Tiana. I pity the little girls who'll grow up without any knowledge of these princesses, they were to me what Woody was to Andy.

18 November 2010

Yet Again

This is a photo-heavy post!

Tin and I were together again even if there was no class last Tuesday. If this is not dedication to school work, I don't know what is.

They're the sweetest couple I've met :">
 Christian treated us to our lunch. Cheesy pops!

Let me show you the best National book store by far. I spent an entire hour in there without actually buying anything. I just satisfied myself with browsing through their shelves, aside from taking pictures of course.

P.S. I am so dead excited for Christmas!

17 November 2010

Off to Tagaytay

... they are, I'm not.

After having my hair cut, Yna showed up and kidnapped me. She brought me to Shiina Takadama's place. Our 40 minutes catching up seemed to have lasted for hours. It really feels great when you're having spontaneous get together with your High School friends.

 As I am writing this down, Shiina, Yna, Jyn Enriquez and the others are on their way back to Manila. I wish I could come with them the next time they decide to go to Tagaytay.

Thanks to Yna for the pics.

16 November 2010

I have mood hair

Be the verdict: does short hair fit me?

On the lighter note, I kind of like what has happened to my hair. It's been months since I last had a hair cut which resulted to an obvious change. (Well, this is an example of a hair cut with no obvious changes http://gianellaperalta.blogspot.com/2010/07/notice-any-changes.html).

15 November 2010

We'll be young forever

If you guys are wondering why such a title, well it's because Teenage Dream is our theme song! Hahaha.

P.S. Today will be the last time you'll see me sporting this long hair. I had it cut earlier this afternoon.


I just needed to see them.

13 November 2010

Round and Round and Round

"I think, therefore I'm an accountant", was what Tin's shirt says. We went to PICPA hoping to interview someone who's well-versed with the ethics and standards the accounting practice in the Philippines follow. Let's not get too technical with that now. So after we've done what we're supposed to do in their office in Shaw, Tin and I headed for Shang. 

 See that book I'm holding? It's what I'm obsessed with at the moment
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