17 November 2010

Off to Tagaytay

... they are, I'm not.

After having my hair cut, Yna showed up and kidnapped me. She brought me to Shiina Takadama's place. Our 40 minutes catching up seemed to have lasted for hours. It really feels great when you're having spontaneous get together with your High School friends.

 As I am writing this down, Shiina, Yna, Jyn Enriquez and the others are on their way back to Manila. I wish I could come with them the next time they decide to go to Tagaytay.

Thanks to Yna for the pics.


  1. It was nice seeing you, Gellie!!! Will tell you next time if we`re having another escapade!!

  2. Thanks Shiina, it was really good! I'll look forward to that :>


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