31 March 2014

You Might As Well Be Amusing

Thank heavens I only have 8 or less posts in my draft box that are all about places and events I've been to last year. The photo documentary (photo dump, rather) posting really helps lazy personal documentarians like me, don't they? Anyway. Here is a batch of more recent photographs, taken only last February. As response to some invitations from local companies, I went on interviews in hopes that I'll be prepared for future job interviews. Despite the fact that I'm not seeking for stable employment at the moment, I want to get as much experience as I can for future purposes. Let me parrot myself back and say I am currently waiting for something to happen that will determine how the rest of my 2014 will unfold. Happening of such event works like a suspensive condition (sorry, I just have to blurt out a few words I picked up from my law classes, even something as basic as conditions). Anyway, here is what I wore to the very first job interview I've ever had.

 photo 5105edfd-240b-4d65-93b1-f78e69fe215e_zps49f73582.jpg
White peplum top: Mango | Black lace skirt: Zara | Shoes: BCBG | Bag: Coach | Black slim belt: Mango

 photo quote_zps1e178d06.jpg
Listen to Coco. Always listen to Coco. She knows what she's talking about. You might not get the part but at least dress it and make a lasting impression.
Image from HERE.

 photo IMG_2961_zps9d96bf93.jpg photo IMG_2958_zps287890d8.jpg
 photo IMG_2957_zps7490ad8e.jpg photo IMG_2960_zps6a25d0b0.jpg
It goes without saying that most of the times, I find myself in situations too difficult to handle that I don't even remember how I got entangled in them in the first place. Usually though, it's just because of my stupid stupid mouth who ends up blurting sentences after sentences that are not supposed to be spoken out aloud. To say I was candid and my answers spontaneous would be an understatement. I might have said things that made my interviewer laugh aloud but when you get right down to it, I think she thought I was more of a comic relief than a business research developer that their company is looking for. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed the interview which ended with the interviewer thanking me for a different yet surprisingly refreshing interview.  Also, don't worry. My legs are not twice as darker as my arms. It's just the lighting. 

14 March 2014


 photo IMG_3924_zpsba546e3e.jpg
Dress used as top: Mango | Dress used as skirt: Lulu Castagnette | Shoes: Mango | Belt: Topshop | Ring: Aldo

Two weeks after our successful thesis defense, we treated our thesis mentor to some steak and grilled meat in Highlands Steakhouse to nicely albeit formally end our a little more than 2 months 'bonding' and to celebrate the holiday season. It felt gratifying to have had this dinner where we talked about how the panelists reacted upon hearing the marketing plan we've prepared. To just talk about the last crazy week we had where 80% of the bulk of our paper was written served as the proper way to put a dot on our college life. Of course a glass or two of wine didn't hurt.

 photo IMG_3895_zpse155424a.jpg

I'm retiring the skirt I'm wearing here as I don't anymore see it fit with the kind of wardrobe I'm building. It's actually a dress I've worn HERE but I thought it could also work well as a skirt. As for the top, it's also a dress that I've worn before. When I'm feeling creative, which normally happens when I'm retiring an article of clothing, I try to go back to what I already own instead of using any of the new pieces I've bought. To make the outfit cohesive, I opted to wear belt and shoes in the same hue. The ring completed the look.

 photo IMG_3902_zpsce705db7.jpg
 photo IMG_3918_zps3ec2bc32.jpg
 photo IMG_3904_zps099e0fb7.jpg photo IMG_3920_zps1dc2cfba.jpg
After dinner with the thesis team, I met up with Tatiana to grab some drinks and catch up with each other's activities. (See you once you're back, Tats!)

12 March 2014

Out and About Part 1

As if I haven't expressed enough how thankful I am for having been graduated from my Alma Mater, I just found another reason to gush about. If only I am actively seeking for an employment at the moment, I would've had an easy time looking for it as my contact details along with those of my fellow graduates are currently being evaluated by firms and companies our school sent them to. Oh well, I'm not yet prepared to take a full-time job as I still have other plans. My interview for which is scheduled this coming Friday and I don't want to jinx it in any way so I'll keep it to myself for now. Anyway, here are a few photos I've been meaning to share. Lazy as I am, I won't tell the stories completely behind each of them but will only include brief descriptions. 

 photo IMG_1785_zps4ce36b5f.jpg photo IMG_1783_zpsdbaa8952.jpg
June 2013: Karaoke Day

 photo IMG_2269_zps350d7a21.jpg photo IMG_2271_zpsc528bc63.jpg
 photo IMG_2186_zps5da71436.jpg photo IMG_2210_zps261c2439.jpg
July 2013: Last retreat as a student

 photo IMG_2240_zps98a8521b.jpg
July 2013: Mom's birthday lunch at home

 photo IMG_2294_zpsfa4a4f42.jpg photo IMG_2297_zpsc15b36cf.jpg
 photo IMG_2299_zps4a693e16.jpg photo IMG_2298_zpsbbec5e3e.jpg
July 2013: I gave my long hair a break when I decided to cut inches off of it in my favorite salon, Basement Salon.
Light blue polo: Topman | High-waisted shorts: from my friend | Flats: Mango

 photo IMG_2422_zpsbb379716.jpg photo IMG_2426_zpsc89280e9.jpg
 photo IMG_2439_zps4e8aabda.jpg
July 2013: Walking around the campus for a school work
Top: Zara | Pants: Zara | Bag: Lacoste | Flats: Pedro

 photo IMG_2546_zps71a73047.jpg photo IMG_2548_zpscfc8048f.jpg
 photo IMG_2610_zps01d10f73.jpg photo IMG_2605_zps663c177d.jpg
July 2013: last day of Persef3 class. Among my least favorite classes are Persef1 and Persef2 because they had plenty of requirements and attendance was of utmost importance. And then I enrolled in Persef 3 aka the Persef class that I enjoyed. It became one of my most memorable classes in college.
Top and leggings: Nike | Cap: Adidas

 photo IMG_2729_zpsfb348869.jpg
 photo IMG_2730_zps1e5d313b.jpg photo IMG_2728_zpscc266872.jpg
August 2013: Even though we meet each other only once a year, Barbs remains to be one of my most trusted friends. (I know you'll see this. Don't isolate yourself too much, my busybee friend!)

 photo IMG_2779_zpsf7dd6d8e.jpg photo IMG_2766_zps52e38380.jpg
 photo IMG_2768_zps38fb9f35.jpg photo IMG_2769_zps13d11745.jpg photo IMG_2767_zps0fbaaaf3.jpg photo IMG_2765_zpsb68a632d.jpg
 photo IMG_2777_zpscaacca61.jpg photo IMG_2776_zps99f8dabd.jpg
 photo IMG_2772_zps31cd3895.jpg photo IMG_2771_zps32243a71.jpg
 photo IMG_2790_zpsabaa4e9b.jpg
August 2013: We went to Christ the King Columbarium for my Uncle's first death anniversary.
Dress: from Vietnam | Shoes: Michael Antonio | Bag: Nine West | Necklace: from Macau | Pearl bracelets: from Thailand

 photo IMG_2886_zpsa6e1536f.jpg photo IMG_2893_zpsb95563db.jpg photo IMG_2892_zps3a03ae47.jpg photo IMG_2890_zps26771b82.jpg
August 2013: Weekly hang out

 photo IMG_2908_zps767f3439.jpg photo IMG_2901_zps3bf53d6c.jpg
August 2013: Jer visited us in Taft.

 photo IMG_3019_zps9ebe3fa5.jpg
 photo IMG_3026_zpsf5e2bf74.jpg
September 2013: Some HS friends visited us in Taft.

 photo IMG_3077_zpsa29e97c9.jpg
 photo IMG_3079_zps29a8bd33.jpg photo IMG_3073_zps4a2a6502.jpg
September 2013: Weekly hang out

 photo IMG_3130_zpsb6b7ed37.jpg
September 2013: During my first day as an intern in Dr. Martens, they visited me in the store.

 photo IMG_3171_zpsd26b4471.jpg
September 2013: Catching up in Naci restaurant

 photo IMG_3363_zps39d92f1e.jpg
 photo IMG_3427_zps38275953.jpg photo IMG_3398_zps0d681a92.jpg
October 2013: Celebrated my baby brother's birthday in 100 Revolving Restaurant
Top: H&M | Pants: Zara | Necklace: Debenhams | Shoes: Topshop

 photo IMG_3545_zpsf05ad5dd.jpg photo IMG_3543_zps455e27cb.jpg
 photo IMG_3556_zps4410eeed.jpg photo IMG_3544_zpsa38ce7b0.jpg
October 2013: During my last day as an intern, these two visited me resulting to a brief reprimand from my supervisor. As always, they've made me forget the time.

 photo IMG_3599_zps904ec49d.jpg photo IMG_3618_zps40b74c92.jpg
October 2013: I went to our province and joined the farmers in harvesting the goods. I only lasted under the sun's scrutiny for less than 10 minutes.
Top: from Bangkok | Skirt: Gap | Cap: Adidas | Slippers: Havaianas
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