03 March 2014

What's Up, Doc?

Today I'm going to summarize what my thesis and internship were all about. From September 16 to December 7 of last year, my thesismates - Hannah, Bianca, and Kim - and I's worlds revolved around the brand Dr. Martens. We wrote a marketing plan that will be useful for the company effective January 2014. To do this, we had to spend 200 hours each in the store located in Fort Bonifacio doing all sorts of things that are expected of interns. Although to be fair, I only did around a hundred and a half hours so for all practical purposes, my groupmates did most of the job done when it came to working. However, I did a rather splendid job in our thesis paper as well as during the defense, or so they told me. (I don't believe in false humility. Credit should be given to where it is due).

 photo 1382804_557444607656675_113656323_n_zps7360b45d.jpg
 photo IMG_3191_zpsd5eb6a95.jpg
 photo IMG_3188_zpsa3b5161f.jpg
 photo IMG_3209_zps8cb096f4.jpg
 photo IMG_3257_zpsd55fa100.jpg
Cardigan: from Macau | Shorts: Old Navy | Inner Top: People Are People | Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction | Shoes: Pedro | Belt: H&M
Dr. Martens has always believed in creativity and self-expression. It supports and encourages artists to express themselves through artworks in any form. One of the events we helped out in was the photo exhibit it hosted sometime in September. It showcased works of different photographers where the iconic Dr Martens shoes were the highlights. To celebrate our first event together as a group as well as our first sleep-over, we went somewhere else after. 

 photo IMG_3148_zps47bbf611.jpg
 photo IMG_3153_zps20972071.jpg
Sweater and flats: Mango | Pants: Zara | Watch: Tommy Hilfiger
Almost every two weeks, the store's lay-out changes. Hats off to the brand's managers especially to Julius who's behind the ever-changing displays. Also, did you get the How I Met Your Mother vibe from the sofa set like I did?

 photo IMG_3161_zpsc6a337e5.jpg
Top: Zara | Pants: Meg
Bianca and I with the other DMs intern Ara who, by the way, also happens to be a La Sallian.

 photo IMG_3321_zps1d2b01b0.jpg photo IMG_3328_zps9c3c492c.jpg
with Cara and Hannah
 photo IMG_3325_zps856f02d5.jpg
 photo IMG_3314_zps17f7dd54.jpg photo IMG_3311_zpscdb4eb02.jpg
my thesismate Kim taking a photo in front of Flying Dutchman in The Collective. On its door is DLSU's banner. The owner happens to be a La Sallian.
 photo IMG_3309_zps38896bb9.jpg
Black 1460s: Dr Martens | Dress: Zara | Plaid polo tied around waist: Giordano | Flats: Pedro
One of the Octoberfest leg of events

 photo white_zpscae201ce.jpg
Shirt: Bench | Pants: Zara

 photo IMG_3533_zpsa42e77cd.jpg
 photo IMG_3532_zpscf59ed37.jpg
Cape: from Korea | Top and Pants: H&M | Belt: Mango | Mask: from Phantom of the Opera production
During the halloween, we were asked to come in our costumes. Obviously I was paying homage to the Phantom.

 photo IMG_3478_zps1ceebd38.jpg photo IMG_3438_zpsd15f67b3.jpg
 photo IMG_3463_zps5b3b6733.jpg
 photo IMG_3464_zps46408866.jpg
 photo IMG_3449_zpsaddf6300.jpg
Dress: Zara | Shoes: Converse | Cap: Adidas

 photo IMG_3499_zps21a45876.jpg
 photo IMG_3503_zps19a045cf.jpg
 photo IMG_3519_zps87e50fc0.jpg
 photo IMG_3867_zps74d2171f.jpg
Denim polo: from Bangkok, Thailan | Leggings: SM Dept. Store 
Typical days in the store

 photo IMG_3853_zps5140cf6f.jpg
with one of our Marketing professors in DLSU, Ms. Tanada
 photo IMG_3849_zps1702f8e3.jpg
7 December 2014
It's just right to end this post with a photo taken after we successfully defended our thesis paper. With us are the members of the panel: (from L-R) Andrew Garcia and Borgy Manotoc (owners of Dr Martens Philippines. Andrew is also a La Sallian), Sir Quito and Sir Jay (Marketing professors). This has also been the last academic day of my college years.

We may not have a photo with our thesis mentor, Ms. Lysa Sanchez, but I wouldn't dare recall this entire trip without thanking her for all the help she has extended to us. From our weekly meetings in fancy restaurants which she always ended up paying for, to our online discussion where she'd always found errors in, we couldn't have gotten a good grade without her help. Cheers, Ms. Lysa!

To close this, I'm going to lift a paragraph from our paper. I'm plagiarizing, I know, but at least I'm plagiarizing myself. Haha!

"Over the years, DMs' association with different groups, ranging from working class to Punks to the more contemporary youth, was able to carry on. The stories attached to the brand will never be erased and will live on in each of the new generation of users. Though the once held perceptions of the brand are not as strong as in the present time, the stigma of its predecessors particularly its rebelliousness against an existing paradigm endures."

Some of the photos were gotten from others.


  1. wow, you guys have the craziest school projects! I had nothing like that during my years in high school or university! it's incredible how different can schools be. and I'm sure dealing with a huge project like that gives you piles of experience and confidence for the future!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  2. I love your pictures, they are incredible :)


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