27 February 2014

Ladies Who Do No Wrong: Miroslava Duma

You know what I like most about her?

When you stand below 5'4 and still decide on wearing flats during fashion week, you have my respect. She debunks all rules that are considered big No-Nos for seriously petite girls like myself. What do you mean with "don't wear overwhelming prints?" or "avoid clashing colors"? You haven't been acquainted with Miroslava Duma, have you? Allow me to present my Top 16 picks. Let Mira show you how it's done, 5 foot flat style. 

 photo mira6_zps8c3317f8.jpg photo mira13_zps9aa1a312.jpg
 photo mira3_zps6c47fba1.jpg photo mira12_zps5bb71cb8.jpg
 photo mira5_zpse710eaaf.jpg photo mira10_zps7b69544b.jpg
 photo mira2_zpsd61e4639.jpg photo mira15_zps4ccbdb51.jpg
 photo mira8_zps62478e8f.jpg photo mira4_zps83b06eda.jpg
 photo mira9_zps9f5b912c.jpg photo mira_zps59b30216.jpg
 photo mira7_zps6d051f70.jpg photo mira16_zps30b411de.jpg
 photo mira11_zps09e755c1.jpg photo mira14_zps28849b09.jpg

It doesn't hurt, of course, that when you search for all her sartorial choices, her name is almost synonymous to Hermes. This girl has the most-coveted bag in almost all sizes and colors!

This is going to be the first of the Ladies Who Do No Wrong series.
All these photos are pinned under the Miroslava Duma board in my Pinterest.

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  1. hehe, to be honest with you I'm not entirely sure how I feel about her style. I like a couple of looks from your selection, yes but there also are some that just don't work at all for me. it's only normal of course since it all depends on the occasion too. and well, we all have very different tastes anyway. all in all I definitely enjoyed the point of your post because when choosing outfits one should not think about all those "rules" fahion magazines etc have created. people should wear what they want to wear.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me


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