10 February 2014

Just Like That, It's Over

It's really funny when life catches up with you. It's even funnier when you realize that in this race of a life, there's no choice but to continue running because whether you like it or not, there will be a finish line. If life were truly a race, I just did a 10K distance. It's not much but it is certainly a milestone. And although I didn't finish first, nor did I stand out among all the other racers, I was able to cross the line. My eyes probably wandered off from the proverbial prize but at least I got my feet running where they were intended to in the first place. 

 photo IMG_4489_zps08a28e84.jpg
My batchmates and I had our graduation rites in PICC last 8 February 2014. The ceremony started at 8am. I remember distinctly that more than 3 years ago, I was a bit late for LPEP, DLSU's frosh orientation. Fast forward to Saturday's graduation, I was, yet again, late. I arrived quarter to 9, with all my course- batchmates done with our obligatory bow in front of the audience. I marched too, don't worry. Only, I marched with the rest of the late-comers. What can I say, I hate breaking traditions. Haha!

 photo IMG_4480_zpse4e466e7.jpg photo IMG_4478_zps33fc05c8.jpg
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my college sisters!!!
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 photo gradjpg_zpsd6b62280.jpg
with my proud parents!

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with my two grandmoms, two uncles, two parents, two brothers, and two cousins
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I celebrated my graduation in Antonio's in Tagaytay which is officially now in my list of the Top 5 best restaurants I've ever eaten in. The food was divine, the ambiance was tasteful, and the service was agreeable. I changed from my academic attire into another favorite: my new gown designed by my favorite Filipino designer, Rajo Laurel. That's
 a lot of favorites, isn't? 

 photo IMG_3222_zpsc94b8236.jpg
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 photo IMG_4501_zpse65961d6.jpg
 photo IMG_3229_zps826c9151.jpg
Gown and belt: Rajo Laurel | Shoes: BCBG
The gown itself is a stand alone. It doesn't need a belt really but I thought it needed some sparkle. I took two different belts, attached the first on top of another, tied it around my waist, and that's when I decided I'm satisfied with my look. I kind of thought this is how I want to look like as I welcome the challenges of the real world.

I know, I know. I also thought it would've taken me longer to find the push that I need to continue publishing egocentric stories here but all of a sudden, I just felt like something has to anchor me down as I meet the demands of a world I'm about to enter into. Since this blog has served this purpose for quite a long time, it's best that I turn back to it especially at a time like this. So, yes, this blog will continue rolling. It'll witness all the mundane things I do, with special activities in between.

I may have to start earning my own keep, lose some of my inappropriate quirkiness, and acquire new traits that'll save me in future endeavors, but so what! I've always chosen to run along instead of being just a spectator anyway, preferably in heels though. Cheers to a start of a more mature life! :)

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