30 December 2010

His Last Day

My past entries revolved around the unexpected death of my great grandfather. What other way to end these entries but to post how his wake ended as well. We were all asked to wear white tops, polos particularly. I didn't have any intention to dress up or go against the dress code so I picked the first white polo I laid my hands on. Had I a choice, I would have opted to wear a white dress. I won't story what happened in the last mass offered to him nor will I tell all the teary details of his internment. I think that's too personal ;)

 There were 47 priests who celebrated the Last Mass, including the Bishop
 It was raining that day (Sept 29). It felt like we were in a movie scene, all raining and crying :))
Without this bib necklace, I would have looked plainer than I did in my white polo and pants

27 December 2010

Christmas Eve

December 24 photo documentary

We left for Quezon around 5 AM. 

Amama taught me and my brothers how to ride on a horse when I was around 2 years old
This mini-garden has been in the Valle ancestral house in Quezon for more than 40 years

I didn't have the courage to take pictures of how his casket looked like, or even how the flowers looked like. I didn't even have the courage to look at him.
We left for Manila around 10 PM to celebrate Noche Buena with the Peraltas.
Ignoring the blurry part, I guess you could pretty much see that there were no cars in SLEX, a first!

All thanks to Dulcelin Gourmet for all the sumptuous meals we had for our Noche Buena.

24 December 2010

With all these Christmas cheers...

Daddy is soooooo in this Christmas fever too! He brought me and my two brothers to the malls in 2 consecutive days, a first in our entire bonding moments. Believe it or not, my dad abhors the Christmas rush in malls. So it was really something when he announced that we're going to the mall last wednesday. He allowed us to enter all the shops that we want, provided that we would wait for each other until we finish looking at each rack. My brothers patiently waited for me, another first in the history of our bonding moments! Finishing with big smiles on our faces, we headed for home. Just as we were about to alight from the car, Dad said that he wasn't satisfied just yet. What other way to satisfy his want but to go out again the next day right? So there!!! :D After buying all the things he thinks he needs, we headed for Tito Roy's company's Christmas Party.

 Behind me are plenty of gifts for the loyal employees of Tito Roy, excluding the ones I'm carrying
These are for me!!!

23 December 2010

Sometimes, Christmas equates sadness

I feel awful. 2010 is nearing to its end and with it comes two of my special Grandpas. I was frequently asked how my family celebrates All Soul's Day but everytime, I would just tell them that it's as if we're celebrating nothing. Until 2009, I never had the chance to visit a cemetery. My grandpas and grandmas in both sides were all just a call away. So really, I didn't have anyone to go to every November. Came February of this year, I experienced the pain of losing someone in the family. My grandpa in my Daddy's side died. I cried, partly because I will never see him again, but mainly I cried because I have never been a good granddaughter to her when he was still alive. To add some more pain, my great grandpa in my Mommy's side passed away earlier this evening. We were throwing a Christmas party for my Tito Roy's employees when mom received a phone call from Quezon province. My great grandpa finally succumb to death. Death has always been something that I can easily say, until now. It feels as if I'm saying an alien word when I say it now. Tomorrow, we'll be going to Quezon to pay our respect to Amama (that's how we called him). The day after that, Christmas Day, I'm not sure if we can still celebrate it as gaily as how we usually do it. 

Wherever you are now, I wish you both are happy.

22 December 2010

Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future

We decided to take an obligatory Christmas shoot, the best way to extend our holiday spirits to everyone else. As you can see, La Salle was already quiet then. All classes have ended, everyone's starting to enjoy the Christmas break.

Holiday Greetings from Gellie, Lina and Hannah!

3 more days :">

20 December 2010

All the hustle and bustle

 Can you read what this says? After seeing this, I immediately held my camera and took pictures of all the heavily lighted areas in Ayala.
 Mind you, since last saturday, I haven't been caught in any traffic. Hurrah!

Christmas, I'm all set for you!!!

What I wore (Lina's debut)

Sorry, I wasn't able to take any decent picture of myself. So I had to resort to unfinished cropping.

Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Zara
Accessories: G by Guess

A Night of Old Glamour

Remember the shoot we did inside old airplanes and the Villamor Airbase Museum? Finally, it came into reality last Saturday!

I was giving her my gift and my message as part of the Treasures
 Would you believe each table had her picture on them? That was so Lina :))
 My lips look so pale! Or was it because Hannah's are so red?

One thing I realized after this event: beauty of lipsticks! I never liked using lipstick. In fact, I hate putting it on. Hahaha. More pictures of the debutante who, by the way, looked really stunning in both of her gowns, will be out anytime soon.

18 December 2010

The Wish List

It's Christmas time. And my craving for these things are at their peak. Please be my Santa :)

Nude Platform Shimmer 5in Pumps from Aldo
Aldo ‘Carthon’ nude peep toes with bow
Virtual Mae's black buckled wedge booties
Canon EF 70 - 200mm f/2.8L IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens
A Lady & Her Tricks Buff & Line Brush Collection by MAC
Mineralize Satinfinish SPF15 Foundation
The September Issue DVD copy
gift certificates from Power Books or Fully Booked
Collection of Sophie Kinsella books (aside from the Shopaholic series, that is) - she's my author of the month
 Iphone 4 please!!!!!!!!!

 P.S. My birthday wish list is different from this one :))
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