22 December 2009

It's more of a checklist...

If I tell you I never made a Christmas Wishlist before, would you believe me? I guess not. I've always been a calculated person. I mean, I try my best not to disappoint myself in anything. Wishlists might or might not cause disappointments.

So here's my first ever wishlist. And I intend to have everything I post on this entry before school starts on January, by any means possible. But as a very appreciative person, let me tell you that donations are very much welcome :"> :))

Faded Metallic Flats from Anthology (The Ramp)

Studded Vest (preferrably the white one)

Military Jacket

Badgley Mischka's gold framed aviator glasses like what Rihanna's wearing

I'm proud to have done this - wishlist. I mean, coming up with only these things somehow made it different from others. The difference I'm talking about is that, mine is realistic. Wait for my future entries wherein these items would be shown again. Only, I'll be the one wearing them already ;)

It's Monotonous. It's Uneventful.

I'm waiting for something that can make everything back to its lively state. You see, there's nothing new.

Advance Merry Christmas!

18 December 2009


I wasn't able to take my exams last 17 December. Instead of going to school, I went with my family to Caleruega where we attended a relative's wedding. I loved the effect of sunset on almost everything! The chapel was in Caleruega and the reception was in Taal Vista.
Daddy and Mommy

16 December 2009

Nike Gladiators

Imagine having the gladiators sandals almost everyone has in a brand such as Nike. Would that make the glads more appealing? Or would it make glads appear to be another sneakers instead?



There's nothing else beyond what you're being shown. Stop complicating things. I mean, quit fussing around, thinking analytically what's been running in the person's mind. Sometimes, what the person say might be the truth, no matter how unbelievable that may sound. Don't over-analyze things. The person knows what she's doing and what she's capable of. So please, don't give any special interpretations to what she's blabbing about. Blabbing, being the operative word.


The poster pretty much explains what this entry would be about. I am dead excited to see the second installment of Sex and the City! (Hello Jana Medel! 'Hello future' ;) )

07 December 2009

Second Best

So much for the title...

Why does my best seem to be not enough? Sounds like a cliche but it's not. For consecutive events now, all I get out of the effort I didn't fail to exert, was what was deserved of the second best. I mean, I exerted extra effort (compared to what I did in my Junior year :D) to make whatever event I belong into produce something worthwhile and yet I get nothing out of it - if disappointments and the like don't count. :))

We didn't bag the grand prize in the Play Prod. But still, we could use even just a pinch of appreciation you know :-":)) I'm no hypocrite to say that that didn't bother me okay? HAHA. Enough of my sarcasm =)) Finally, I'd like to commend Cha Valeriano for doing an excellent job in Micheau's production, her class being the recipient of the best play prod award.

Anne De Tilly

06 December 2009


My house had already become a big kennel for Stefania. She's named after the reigning Ms. Universe (2009): Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela. Her name perfectly suits her, doesn't it? A cute name for a cute pet :P

I was feeding her biscuits :))

Sudden Date

It wasn't included in my plans to take the USTET. But then plans change, right? Especially when the cause of change is someone you couldn't say No to :) Right after taking USTET, I went to greenhills with the Medel family. I've always felt at ease whenever I'm with them. And after a very long time of having no serious talk with Jana, we finally had the chance to update each other's present states.

"Forever is just an expression"
- Angeline Nobleza

Jana and I share the same opinion on forever: it doesn't exist. We had this promise to each other though - everyone else may become 'non-forever' but our friendship will be forever :>

watching 3D movie: A Christmas Carol

02 December 2009

The Poster

Just what exactly does it take someone to finally accept defeat? Fast paced. For the nth time, I found myself aloof and detached from what's happening around.
Quote above doesn't have anything to do with this entry. It just sort of stuck in my head :)) Our Play Prod has been occupying most of the time I reserved for myself every weekend for the past week. Somehow, I'm starting to feel the weight of it all, heavy loaded and more. Not that I have any right to complain considering that for the first time in my entire life in HS, I didn't play any important or vital part in our class production. :)) So yeah, I'm starting to become a bore I know =))

Here's our draft of Paranoia's Poster:
I tried editing. It's nothing compared to Micheau's edits though (Claps to Cha Valeriano)
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