22 December 2009

It's more of a checklist...

If I tell you I never made a Christmas Wishlist before, would you believe me? I guess not. I've always been a calculated person. I mean, I try my best not to disappoint myself in anything. Wishlists might or might not cause disappointments.

So here's my first ever wishlist. And I intend to have everything I post on this entry before school starts on January, by any means possible. But as a very appreciative person, let me tell you that donations are very much welcome :"> :))

Faded Metallic Flats from Anthology (The Ramp)

Studded Vest (preferrably the white one)

Military Jacket

Badgley Mischka's gold framed aviator glasses like what Rihanna's wearing

I'm proud to have done this - wishlist. I mean, coming up with only these things somehow made it different from others. The difference I'm talking about is that, mine is realistic. Wait for my future entries wherein these items would be shown again. Only, I'll be the one wearing them already ;)

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