18 June 2017

Red Riding Hood

I've been trying to update the blog since last week but my attention was caught elsewhere. You see, I was trying to piece my thoughts on the books I've just finished reading last month when 'less pressing matters', namely work, demanded my full attention and so sadly, my supposedly enlightening book-related post has been temporarily sidelined. What a bummer (also, yes, I was writing my thoughts down while at work). I'll post that before the month slips away.

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Cap: Adidas| Shoes: New Balance 501 | Scarf: H&M | Bag: Balenciaga City | Gloves: Uniqlo | Heat-tech Leggings and tights: Uniqlo| Red coat: from a local store (gotten either in Hong Kong or in Seoul. I can't remember from which city but I'm sure it's from a local store)

For this post, let me begin with narrating that a couple of hours ago on this fine Sunday Father's Day afternoon, I was catching up on the last few episodes of season 10 of Big Bang Theory when I realized that Sheldon's new laptop resembles my younger brother's laptop! Forgive me should I in any way offend anyone's technological-sensibilities but when I first saw Gio's black Alienware laptop last December, I thought it was cute in a novelty item sort of way and so I didn't really look at it with the proper eyes that I should have had. Now I'm impressed beyond words just because one of my favorite fictional characters is also using it. I borrowed the said laptop as I'm typing and transferring photos now as my way of apologizing for the technology snub I've committed last December.

 photo Sheldon-Cooper-Red-Alienware-Laptop-by-DELL-in-The-Big-Bang-Theory-Scene-Office_zpsuvemtub7.jpg

Fully 'schooled' by Sheldon Cooper no less, let me proceed with what I was supposed to write for today. My favorite type of vacation is going someplace with my immediate family. I'm very close with everyone at home, from my parents to my 2 brothers, and even to the Ates so it's no wonder that when in an unfamiliar place, I feel most comfortable with the people I am with on an everyday basis. Of course it doesn't hurt that vacation with parents means that it's an all-expense paid for trip so I don't have to worry about subjecting my savings to agony again Hahahahaha. Kidding aside (was I?), it's true. I always look forward to going away with my family. Trips with them always end up being the best trip of the year. Photos in this set were taken in Great Falls Park in Maryland USA.  My Mom's brothers and their families were also with us as well as the 3 Grandmoms. 

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(we were joined by the park rangers who patiently took our family photos)

There's one more thing that I want to briefly talk about here. Superhero movies of late have been very impressive, haven't they? I watched the last full show of Logan on its first day as I've been anticipating it since Marvel released its trailer with the Johnny Cash song playing as its background music. I'm probably echoing the sentiments of the thousands of reviews of the movie but let me add in those who praised the script and agreed that it's been the most succinct and poignant way to bid farewell to Jackman's Wolverine. I've enjoyed my English classes as a student. I clearly remember the many times that my teachers drilled into my mind that stories have this Story Arc where each part of the story can be categorized into. My favorite has always been the Rising Action part or the Chase as it's always served as the most thrilling part. I love a good build-up, where there is confusion but it's the good and exciting type. Understandably, I hated the Falling Action part as it's where the remains of uncertainty lie. If I were to chart X-Men's timeline into a Story Arc, I would say that Logan is in the Falling Action part. The story just showed that after the heyday, the glory, and the power, there will come a point where all of it will end. We've seen a Wolverine with debilitating health and a Professor X who's on the onset of senility. It was painful to see them reduced to the characters in Logan when you have always associated them with the group that saves the world while in leather. It was quite a leap. And for that reason, the characters have become more human, more prone to bursts of emotions. The film was great. Brilliant even. It was worth the remark on my tardiness the following day when I reported to work a solid 1 hour and 30 minutes late.

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And then there's Lego Batman Movie. In a 2014 post, I mentioned that Batman is my favorite superhero. I would always love Nolan-Bale's rendition and their trilogy would perhaps be among my favorite trilogies of all time but I've a new favorite Batman movie. Now, it's the Lego movie. It was just so funny and punny that it's been such a refreshing version of Batman. Finally, here came a version that pokes fun of his character's aloof, anguished, sad rich kid's persona; and was brilliantly funny at it too without sacrificing the nuggets of emotions that can be sipped off of the stoic playboy. The film was funny but never stupid. 

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Both films revolved around the idea that no matter how great an individual is, nothing would compare to having others who have your back, who would understand when your mood doesn't quite fit into the current situation, who would see past your transgressions, who would call you out when you're being too stubborn or too illogical or too snobbish, and who would want to have you in their lives for as long as possible. That's quite a long description which I guess could be shortened to 'family'.

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The alien button of the laptop is blinking. Perhaps to signal that the battery is draining? Oh well, that's it for now. I've posted entries that are connected to this one HERE, HERE, and HERE
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