25 November 2014

And Yet Don’t Look Too Good Nor Talk Too Wise

Just like how the Kardashians are successful in creating their image as a gigantic brand owing to their special talent which is... which is uhm... oh right, vanity (I can watch them endlessly though!), Christopher Nolan is a brand all on himself. He has distinguished himself for telling stories through movies that continuously aim to expand the viewer's area of knowledge. I like him because his respect for the audience is visible in the quality of his films. The fact that he assumes that the audience is intelligent enough to understand the complex machinations of the mind is a clear indication of how he regards us, mere mortals. I watched Interstellar with my brothers 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure if I completely understood all the scenes but it makes me excited in what the distant future has in store for this planet. The overused time traveling plot my favorite movies have employed has finally been awarded a background that's close to being explained in pure scientific words. I wouldn't even elucidate what I believed was the film's universal message for fear of incorrectly overlooking more valuable scenes in favor of the parts that appealed to my humble understanding more. I got even more invested in the film the moment Professor Brand bid the astronauts adieu with Dylan Thomas' Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. It's good to meet a poem our HS teachers made us interpret in a set-up that's fitting of what the villanelle was originally intended for - to encourage someone who's facing an inevitable death to not easily succumb to it. The moment Brand used the poem as his goodbye, it had been a telltale sign that the mission wasn't meant for a return. Clever use of literature, right? Nolan, my friends.

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I logged in my defunct Twitter account just to look for these tweets. (Who am I kidding? I logged into my account that day because I did the most evil act I can ever do. Don't make me mad, else, I'll tweet about you but I won't tag you. I'm wicked. Mwahahahaha seriously, Twitter makes me laugh)

 photo IMG_5427_zps54f1a4bd.jpg

Black top: Zara (thanks S!) | Shorts: Topshop | Wool wrap: from Australia (thanks Lala!) | Shoes: Zara | Ring: Aldo
I had a long day going in and out of malls as early as 10am and lasting through the night where I had celebratory drinks until just an hour shy away from Cinderella's curfew so comfort played a huge key. Of course I couldn't stop myself from wearing this heavy winter hoodie which my Lala gave me years ago but only remembered now because wearing 100% comfortable clothes is not a good thing as well. Hahahaha.

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Last Saturday was an extremely busy yet memorable day for me. I ran around Makati malls trying to fix what I can fix for the Pacquiao fight as ordered by my Dad while squeezing in quality time in the form of a fast yet satisfying lunch in Apartment 1B in Rockwell with my college favorites Lina and Tin. (Kristina, I miss you!!! You have no idea how much sense you put into my scattered brain. Don't be a stranger!)

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I've been collecting stickers for the Starbucks planner for a good one week already so I had to drag her there and sat down for a gratifying discussion. When my break was over, I went back to fulfilling the rest of the day's requirements.

Come 4PM, not a minute early nor a minute late, I met up with my best friend in Rockwell. See, in our friendship, there's this special bond that can never be cut all because it's entangled around another person who for almost a year, refused to have any contact with either of us. It could've been an easy break but how do two girls cut ties with a person who has made an impression on them despite only being with them for 4 days? That's rare and in this case, we wanted (desperately, unrelentingly) to believe it's because we're meant to be friends with that person for a really long time. Ha!
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 photo IMG_5419_zps46de8fb4.jpg photo IMG_5411_zps65b43b76.jpg
As we were capping off the night with the usual drinks in Taft, the unexpected happened. Perhaps we're a little inebriated or the Christmas season is kicking in that we finally mustered the guts to reach out to the person whom we feel emotionally albeit abnormally attached to. We waited for an hour before the person responded to our incessant messages which led to another round of drinks we referred to as the celebratory bucket. Hurrah! We're almost back together! We waited for a year to receive the person's forgiveness, dissected what happened and discussed hypothetically various scenarios, and finally got the permission to call the person on the person's phone. That's victory for us! (Notice how messily I veered away from the use of pronouns? Haha)
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To sober up before we separated, we walked along Taft all the way to Starbucks. I've completed the 18 stickers!

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I used a line from Rudyard Kipling's IF as guide on how to attack this post. How did I do? (wink wink)

24 November 2014

Whiny Little Brat

I miss my pathetic whiny self who used to blog way back in 2009 about things that don't go my way, people who annoy me, and how materialistic a High Schooler I was. Fast forward to 2014 and nothing really has changed. Perhaps except that, I now know how to sugarcoat things. Haha!

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Polka-dotted top: from Korea | Skirt: Mango | Glasses : People Are People| Shoes: Aldo | Ring: Aldo | Bracelets: from Bangkok

These days, my dad is putting responsibilities on my shoulder by assigning tasks that would (hopefully) help his company as it meets the demands of the projects for November. I'm particularly designated in the Pacquiao fight department, which I am enthusiastic for since there's hardly any marketing effort needed to sell his pay-per-view right aside from being contacted to set up satellite dishes for. He's Pacquiao; and to every Filipino, myself included, he's a hero. As soon as the 2nd week of November set in, everyone in the company devoted the bulk of its brain and labor to the boxing champ's fight. I had to call tens of cinema managers all over Luzon to secure passes. It was tiring but I couldn't help but feel very excited!

 photo IMG_3293_zpsd0daea3a.jpg

I'm petulantly stopping myself from spouting out my fangirl screams over Pacquiao's overwhelming win against Algieri yesterday because I cannot articulate my happiness into precise words without shrieking aloud. Algieri, on one hand, impressed me not so much for his boxing style although his endurance to have lasted for 12 rounds was laudable but because of how much of a gentleman he's been in accepting his defeat. (I'm not discounting that his academic accomplishments wowed me more initially). All in all, the fight served its purpose in establishing that Manny's on his way back to the top after his defeat from Marquez in 2012.

For having put the Philippines on the map, there has to be some percentage of immunity bestowed on Pacquiao. The principle covers his tax issues. Perhaps I'm misinformed or my knowledge, as usual, is limited (it still baffles me how I've gotten a really good grade in my Income Taxation class to be honest) but he has to be awarded a leeway.

 photo IMG_3284_zps21fb0c92.jpg photo IMG_3287_zps4028aaf6.jpg

Unlike the satellite dishes my Dad occasionally installs at home whenever there's a big international sports event that we want to tune into, this time's satellite is as small as a wee baby. Boo. My closet is shrinking, I noticed, that's why I have no choice but to constantly re-use my clothes. To somehow offer the illusion of a dress, I picked my top and skirt in the same print. Oh the problems of a penniless girl. Woe is me! Hahahahaha.

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