29 April 2017

A New Set of Eyes

I want to travel. I mean, who doesn't? If I were to chart where my salary goes to, I would probably say that a good portion of it goes to travel. I would happily burn my cash if it's for travel. Besides I always learn something new, not necessarily a good thing (fine mostly, I discover even more negative aspects), about myself in each new place that I stay in for a couple of days. Well anyway. There are plenty of countries that I'd want to visit. Probably once would be enough. I just have to see them for myself. And then there are those which I would want to repeatedly go to just because they've slowly felt like home. Such has been the case with Hong Kong. 

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Sweater top: Ralph Lauren | Pants: Old Navy | Cardigan and flats: H&M | Bag: Michael Kors | Sunnies: Oakley

In 2016 alone, I went to Hong Kong thrice. In each time, I've went to a different place that I haven't been to previously. This set of photos were taken in February 2016 at Tai O Fishing Village, located in Lantau Island. 

Disclaimer: This is purely a word vomit blog. I can't write a good travel post to save my life so I apologize in advance if this won't be in any way helpful to whoever will chance upon this post, in hopes of reading reviews about Tai O. In my case, that's what I normally do when preparing the itinerary. I read reviews found online first to gauge if the destination would be worth the trip. Especially if it'll take hours just to reach the destination. Another disclaimer: it was my friend who wrote our itinerary at that time so it was really her who researched about Tai O.

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Prior to this trip, I've been going to HK for just a quick breather. Granted that I love going to cold places, I mostly used to go to HK only during the month of December, when the temperature is around 15 - 20C. A quick 3-day trip used to be enough for me to enjoy the cool climate and eat a good roast goose or duck. And go to Disneyland, of course. And to some other tourist-filled place. Yup, I've never set food outside of the usual HK-tour that my conservative parents highly approve of! So in a way, this trip to Tai O has been a good start to discover more of my beloved HK. Of course, we still had goose. As a matter of fact, we didn't have just any goose; we patiently waited until a table clears out so we could have roast goose in the Michelin-starred restaurant Yat Lok. 

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I am at a point where I'm stuck at my comfort zone that's why I feel like I'm not going anywhere. So to divert the direction where I'm headed to, a big change has to step in. Where does one get the courage to act on what she thinks would work despite all evidences at hand that contradict her conviction? How does one keep her one foot in the safe side while the other wants to jump into the Great Perhaps? I used to think I'm good at making calculated risks but now, I'm seriously considering doing something different with nothing but gut feel to rely on.

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