28 January 2010

Field Demonstration 2010

I can't seem to see the logic in this: we were informed that we'll be having costume for Field Demo yet, we weren't allowed to have our batch shirt. I mean, Field Demo costume would only be used once while the batch shirt could be used in several occasions.

Okay, let's not dwell on that now. ADT's presentation didn't turn out to be as good as what others imagined it to be. If it was, then we should have won right? So stop giving us unwanted false hopes :)) Best part was I enjoyed performing despite my minimal effort. Hahaha. And yeah, I was so happy to know that Cha Valeriano's effort in coming up with a concept for her class wasn't put to waste. I was so proud of her!
Reminds me so much of my 2nd Year
Cha Valeriano and her certificates of awards


I was so happy to have Janica Barrera in my place. As expected, we did nothing but make complete clowns of ourselves. We watched 2 episodes of my favorite cartoon series: The Simpsons, ate plenty of foods (from appetizer to dessert), read books (Geronimo Stilton), went to Church, had puppet show (using my gloves) and slept. She's definitely one of my most entertaining and comical friends.

25 January 2010

Change of Heart

I'm making up for all the wrong things I've done to my teachers. To start with, I attended my practice awhile ago. Had I a choice, I doubt that showing up would even cross my mind. I was really in need of extra grade for my conduct. HAHAHA. But anyway. I showed up. I had the determination to pursue on the practice because Karen was with me.


23 January 2010

My Current Dilemma

I want to have these!!
Lace Lapel Jacket (it's lace-y!)
Any similar jacket to this (combination of leather and tailored pieces)

I really love anything metallic and studded!

Brightly colored leather shoes (I noticed that I don't have much color in my shoes)
Button Collar

On top most of my list though, I need to find a sensible pair of black heels. I'll be wearing them soon in school.
I couldn't wear any of these in school, could I? I'm really having a difficulty in finding something uhm, pretty without going overboard. For now, I'll settle with this idea only:
I want my heels red-soled.

She ran away

Having lost a dog while you're away is simply depressing. Losing another dog is another story. Last New Year, while we're away and didn't even have any idea of  what was happening back home, Snow White (a white cross-breed of a Yorkie and a dog I know none of) died. And now, just a week ago, another news hit us: Stefania's missing!
 Tito Roy carrying Stefania. This was also her last picture taken with us :(


Entrance exam results are being floated already. The papers which indicate whether you have a good start in college or not have been released. I was saddened by the fact that my first choice-school failed me :( Oh well, that's how it's supposed to go right? I win some, I lose some. The other schools I've tried gave me a positive response. So there, I already have something to look forward to. Few more weeks, then I'll be out of St. Paul. Yeah, just few weeks and yet I can't restrain myself from doing something very irresponsible and consequential. Hello Riva and Janica!

Good thing Eliz was not present that time. If she was, I bet she'd be with us :-" :))

Ateneo: "Sorry"
La Salle: "Accepted"
UST: "Passed"

10 January 2010

The Day When I Got Older...

It all started with this:

Verlyn Guiyab and Arisa Watanabe are very kind enough to inform everyone else that I'll be having a celebration. Thing is, I didn't plan to have one :))

 As I stepped in school last 7 January, I was confronted with this very confusing question: 
"Saan ang party, Gellie?"
"Party nino?"
"Party mo!"
 And then I realized, they were really asking where my Blowout Celebration would take place =)) I finally decided to make the fake invitation Ver and Arisa did a real one. Thus, Saturday Night Impromptu Party was born!

I missed Charlene Dacara very very much!


03 January 2010

Sawat dee!

To start our 2010 with a blast, we celebrated it in Bangkok. No need to post the good stuffs I was able to purchase. You'll just see me in them ;)

Indra Regent Hotel

Onboard: Chao Phraya Dinner Cruise

Buddhist Temples

Riding an elephant (and trying to pet it too)

Floating Market

Elephant Show

Christmas 2009

It's been in the tradition of the Peralta family to spend the Christmas together. The recently concluded Christmas wasn't any different. We all gathered in our lola's house in Alabang, creating brain-cracking noise heard all over the neighborhood. I guess that's something we can't really lessen (the noise). We stayed in Alabang from the eve of Christmas until the 27th of December. Imagine how we weren't able to destroy my lola's house despite the crazy antics each of us pulled off :)) We went out almost everyday, as a complete family. Whenever I'll have the chance to be alone and stay home, I did nothing but read and read and read. I finished reading the Twilight Series in roughly 6 days. 'twas quite an accomplishment for me. Hahaha.

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