28 January 2010

Field Demonstration 2010

I can't seem to see the logic in this: we were informed that we'll be having costume for Field Demo yet, we weren't allowed to have our batch shirt. I mean, Field Demo costume would only be used once while the batch shirt could be used in several occasions.

Okay, let's not dwell on that now. ADT's presentation didn't turn out to be as good as what others imagined it to be. If it was, then we should have won right? So stop giving us unwanted false hopes :)) Best part was I enjoyed performing despite my minimal effort. Hahaha. And yeah, I was so happy to know that Cha Valeriano's effort in coming up with a concept for her class wasn't put to waste. I was so proud of her!
Reminds me so much of my 2nd Year
Cha Valeriano and her certificates of awards

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