02 February 2010

Serena and Roger - Aces

My Tito Ian was with us during the weekend. He enticed me into watching Tennis once again. I'm quite informed about the ins and outs of it, especially the part where my favorite Tennis-Icon is involved (Maria Sharapova :">
I was watching the game between Serena Williams and Justine Henin last Saturday and as biased as this may sound, I was really betting for the great Serena Williams. She made me feel bad during the first sets but that didn't downsize my hopes of her winning another grand slam title in the end. I knew she'll do well. She actually did. Don't get me wrong, Henin supporters. I would have bet on her if it wasn't Serena she played against. 

Serena Williams' 12th Slam title

Another ace tennis man who got me celebrating last weekend was Roger Federer. He managed to maintain his Number 1 rank. Andy Murray got me crossing my fingers, wishing that he'll miss and let Federer win. They played so well! Still, my bet was with Federer. I couldn't even make myself imagine how he could have felt if he had lost. I just want him to enjoy his moment while he's still on top.

Roger Federer's 16th grand Slam title

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