13 February 2010


We barely have 6 more weeks before we could finally say goodbye to High School. But before we could finally bid the most-awaited farewell, we have to come up with a stunning Broadway Production. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't be involved in any class production the entire school year. I was good in keeping up with it until a week ago - I couldn't shrug off the responsibility put on my shoulder. I was tasked to direct our Broadway, which I halfheartedly embraced. Our class would do Wicked. I've exerted quite a remarkable effort on it already so I guess I couldn't anymore say I'm doing this halfheartedly. I'm actually starting to enjoy undergoing the pressure. This is my last chance in High School, my last energy-draining stunt. (One thing I'm complacent about though is that, I know my classmates could pull this Broadway off)

Everyone deserves the chance to fly...

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