30 October 2009

Vary's Post Birthday

It's the start of our week-long sembreak. Tomorrow's the birthday of Vary Jonson. She visited me here in my place. We had Pizza Hut for our early dinner. Vary is one of the those friends I have whom I always have fun with. We had her post birthday celebration. I'm excited for her actual celebration :)) Bring it on, Vary Jonson!


After Shock

I don't accept losing easily especially if I did my best. After hearing the questionable result of the Cheerdancing competition 2009, I got so emotional. Enough of my bitterness. After the last day of Intrams, almost everyone in our batch had somewhere to go to. Some were to go to Katipunan and some were to go to Commonwealth, as originally planned. As for me, I wanted to go nowhere but home. My friends didn't let me since they know how bad I felt. I agreed with their plans of cheering me up. Jerone, Jeanne, Jana, Angelica, Ver and I went to Fun Ranch :)) It's fun going to a place where kids rule. We were able to act as freely as any kid can. We had our dinner in Tiendesitas. My bad mood was erased, all thanks to the effort of my friends to cheer me up.


One Last Fight

My last Intramurals in HS took place last 27 - 29 of October. As the batch cheerleader, I prepared most for the Cheerdancing Competition. We finished doing our routine the night before the actual competition. There were lots of accidents which transpired while our routine was on progress. 3 of my dancers got injured because of doing the stunts wrongly and 3 of my dancers quit. What was I supposed to do to get all of the things right? The Cheerdancing preparation took my patience away. I was so stressed. I almost gave up, I have to admit. Setting the cheering competition aside, the other events went well. We, seniors, bagged the gold in almost all the events including Volleyball, Obstacle Run, Tug, Badminton, Table Tennis, and some more minor events. We won in almost everything except in the Cheerdancing Competition. I WAS, AM, AND WILL BE BITTER ABOUT IT. I'd never accept the result for the simplest reason that we weren't informed that there was only one criterion: DISCIPLINE. Go figure what I'm trying to say. Those who watched the actual competition probably know what I'm trying to say here.

Anyway, as what my batchmates told me, We still are the best. We made things happen. We made history.

Seniors banner
The First Pyramid
L-R (back): Vary Jonson, Janica Barrera, Eliz Marcelo, Farha Lagueras, Maan Marqueda, Lexie Reyes and Arisa Watanabe
L-R (front): Jerone Malangen, Gianella Peralta, Jeanne Dela Rosa

Tug = Champion!
Captain: Erika Bacho

Badminton = Champion!
Volleyball = Champion!
Captain: Marina Kuroshima

Obstacle Run = Champion!
Captain: Vary Jonson

Drummer: Jana Medel

20 October 2009


I had the worst practice for Cheering so far :| :(
It all happened yesterday, 19 October. We had our batch practice at the plaza. I left my purse for awhile to attend to the Cheerdancers since they rely on the steps I was about to teach greatly. When I came back for my purse, I opened its pockets. I was shocked to see the second pocket empty. I brought 3K because of some things I need to pay like the car's gasoline and my driver's food (I was to go someplace after classes). There was nothing left, even down to the cents. I hurriedly checked on the first pocket to see if my phones were still there or were they stolen too. Good enough, they were there. Then it dawned on me, that the only people who went near my purse were my batchmates. One of my batchmates probably is the culprit. And I hate the thought that even I wasn't spared from this kind of dishonesty.

Bottomline is, I really shouldn't expect people to be like what I expected them to be. So now, I am penniless for the whole week. I couldn't tell my mom about what happened cause she just might get mad at me for being so irresponsible. I hate the feeling of having no money, for real.

17 October 2009


We had Saturday class awhile ago and since this morning, I've been bonding most with Maan Marqueda and Verlyn Guiyab. Classes ended at 11AM. From school, we rode the cab going to Ver's place. We played Wii and ate plenty of coffee crumbled-flavored ice cream. We went to my place next. In there, we ate some mojos, onion rings and pizzas from Shakey's. Around 3 pm, we arrived at Jem Ang's post-birthday celebration. We had the best road trip ever after. Aiko Matsuzaki, Cha Valeriano, Angelica Ferrer and Ingrid Saplagio were with us inside my car during the road trip (be smart enough to know why we're all together HAHA). I brought Maan home at 9PM. So imagine all the funny things Maan, Ver and I were able to do all day long (we were also able to talk about some serious matters) :)) Btw, let me add that I just discovered another person to add in my list of Funniest Batchmates. She's in the person of Ingrid. HAHAHA.

I never knew I could admit those things :-"

Gellie, Maan, Ver and Andy

Quarterly Exam

Second Quarter Exam came as a blow to me. I was not prepared :( As much as I would like to study, I don't know why I can't resist the call of laziness. So poor me, I decided not to take some exams (Economics and 2 minor subjects). After the first day of test, Karen Soledad and Verlyn Guiyab accompanied me in going to Orange wherein I claimed my souvenir scrapbook and the Podium where I bought a blazer. The weather was too harsh, it wetted us.

We had our lunch in Podium

After seeing my 2009 Orange souvenir, I felt like I wanted to enroll there right that moment

09 October 2009

Fashion in Movies

I've come across several videos which made me instantly feel the need to sit down for about 2 hours and just watch them admiringly.

Valentino: The Last Emperor

The September Issue
All about the legendary 20-year editor of Vogue magazine, Anna Wintour

I wouldn't mind having anyone sit beside me while watching and getting inspiration from these fashion-involved figures. HAHAHA :">

04 October 2009

The Podium

Everyone knows how much I like the Podium. Well yeah, it's little compared to the other nearby Ortigas malls. But then, I always ALWAYS feel the privacy and security I'm looking for whenever I'm inside a mall there. And besides, I love the shops in there! Imagine having Topshop and Dorothy Perkins all inside one shop ;) How about the Markati Palazzo and the must-buy items inside the shops in it? And how about having a 3-day Sale in Podium? :-" I was so ecstatic looking around, satisfying my need to shop :P~ Coincidentally, I browsed through the internet some facts about Confessions of a Shopaholic earlier this day, all because I heard the movie's soundtrack on my iPod. So upon stepping at Podium and seeing the big mark which read: Up to 50% off, I checked every stores and went through each of their racks. Imagine allowing a caged bird escape from its cage. I even immediately remembered the quote in Confessions of a Shopaholic,
Rebecca Bloomwood: You know that thing when you see someone cute and he smiles and your heart kind of goes like warm butter sliding down hot toast? Well that's what it's like when I see a store. Only it's better.
That's exactly how I felt. HAHAHA. I ended up buying a Puey Quinones white blazer which almost put me on debt, a Cole Vintage black dress, a CMG ballet flats and Salsa Trends heels. All of these were on sale, making me feel less guilty after buying them. I was only given approximately 1 hour to wander around. Then, my cousin and I went up to the movie place and watched The Ugly Truth starring Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl. Go watch it! It made us laugh all the way.

Mike (Gerard): You're all about comfort and efficiency!
Abby (Katherine): What's wrong with comfort and efficiency?
Mike: Well nothing, except no one wants to f*** it.

Gossip Girlsss

Just like any other girls my age, although not an avid one, I'm a fan of the series Gossip Girls. I need not specify reasons why I like it since I pretty much think that I share the same reasons with any other fan. In the recent Emmy Awards, I tried to pinpoint stars who failed to impress me with their overall look. So was I so thrilled to discover that everyone exerted effort to look fabulous! But what made me enthralled though, was the overall appearance of Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. Between the two, I liked Blake's pulled-up look better. She looked so gorgeous! Red is an attention-grabbing color as we all know, but matched with a plunging neckline, it made it all better. On the other hand, Leighton's choice in gown, hairstyle and makeup were awesome if they were used in different occasions, not all together. So anyway, I just really felt great upon knowing that both girls are not only fashionable in their show but are also fashionable outside their show.

Blake in Versace
Leighton in Bottega Veneta

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