04 October 2009

Gossip Girlsss

Just like any other girls my age, although not an avid one, I'm a fan of the series Gossip Girls. I need not specify reasons why I like it since I pretty much think that I share the same reasons with any other fan. In the recent Emmy Awards, I tried to pinpoint stars who failed to impress me with their overall look. So was I so thrilled to discover that everyone exerted effort to look fabulous! But what made me enthralled though, was the overall appearance of Blake Lively and Leighton Meester. Between the two, I liked Blake's pulled-up look better. She looked so gorgeous! Red is an attention-grabbing color as we all know, but matched with a plunging neckline, it made it all better. On the other hand, Leighton's choice in gown, hairstyle and makeup were awesome if they were used in different occasions, not all together. So anyway, I just really felt great upon knowing that both girls are not only fashionable in their show but are also fashionable outside their show.

Blake in Versace
Leighton in Bottega Veneta

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