28 September 2009


Typhoon Ondoy definitely ruined a lot of things. And I myself was a victim of his destructible power. Early Saturday morning, I was on the road with my driver Mang Joseph, contemplating whether I will pursue on the long-before plan which is to happen that day or postpone it for obvious reasons. Against my better judgment, I went on with the plan. Came 10 AM, the visibility rate narrowed down to almost a zero. We could barely see the road from inside the car. A lot of roads were almost impassable. So we ended up staying for a while in a friend's place (Margaret Gatmaytan). Around 2 PM, my driver and I were on the road again, wanting to try everything just so we could finally go home and check on what's happening there. We were able to arrive at all the possible routes that could lead us home but everytime we'll be at least 10-minute far, the road gets flooded making it impossible for us to pass through. Until 6 30 PM, we were searching for alternate routes. As the night was dawning in, so was I becoming more desperate to reach home. Then I pondered, that's probably how stranded means. Whichever road you try to take just to find any possible way out, you'll always end up in the spot which makes you feel caught up in the whole situation.

Losing all hopes in reaching home, I went to Karen's place. My mom, who also tried everything just to reach me and make me feel positive despite the unexpected misfortunes, suggested that it'll be best if I will sleep at Karen's instead of staying inside my car and spend the rest of the night there. It's not right to rejoice for the misfortunes of others but I'd be a hypocrite if I won't admit that I found the happy part in the situation. For the 2nd time in my entire life, I was allowed to sleep over at someone's place, making me feel glad in spite of the unfortunate circumstances everyone was in. The Soledad Household was indeed one of the most warm and friendly family I've ever had the chance to spend time with. Karen Soledad proved me one thing: it's in times like this that I get to know who my real friends are :>

Karen Soledad
such a weak bottle! :))

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