20 September 2009


I crossed upon several blogs and they just made me miss my long-lost blogs. And because of that, I decided to create series of new blogs.

For the past few years, I couldn't explain why I started having such a great love for books. I've been allotting quite amount of my savings just to be able to buy them. From classics to modern, I just can't stop myself from asking for more. Once I've stepped in a mall, going to the bookstore would always be part of the whole itinerary. I need to get a new book, even if I won't be able to get some new pretty dresses. But when I read, I do it for the pleasure of it. Pleasure doesn't equate heavy reading. And for me, heavy reading equates school books. The best pleasure-books I'm hooked into include novels written by Meg Cabot, Sophie Kinsella, Jodi Picoult, illustrated books of Geronimo Stilton and Archie Comics :P and fashion/style books.

Meg Cabot books

some of my Geronimo Stilton books :P

I had this Paris Hilton book when I was in grade school. Would it hurt if I admit I like Paris Hilton? :))

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