16 April 2013


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If only I can have their perfect summer body just by looking at them.
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Sampling Swiss Cuisine

Our family went to Antipolo to celebrate the Easter. We chose Vieux Chalet because we were instantly charmed with its organic home-made food sets. They serve exquisite Swiss food that can make you forget you're on a diet. "What summer body? This home-made butternut ice cream is so good! Another scoop please!" We stayed overnight in their inn as well because aside from the food, we love some R&R in action. They offer spa services too. I want to personally give a shout out to Rico, their manager who had been nothing short of the perfect host. I forgot the name of the butler assigned to my family but he greatly deserves a big fat thank you from us as well. There are nearby resorts there in which amenities are more modern but why did we choose Vieux Chalet?
1. We're a family who has people anxiety. Why stay in a place jampacked with people like us who want to relax when you can opt for another smaller resort that you can rent all for yourselves? We're for complete relaxation and reconditioning.
2. We're a family who loves food. We devour anything edible, maybe not so much on the greens, so it's no wonder that, well, all of us in the family are a little chubby. So when we were told that our ricotta cheese is organic and our veal bratwurst is homemade, it was a sure go! Finally, food for not-so-health-conscious eaters with lesser calories.
3. Who doesn't want a butler who dance-attendance to all your whims and requests? Are you kidding me? Don't you want an Alfred for yourself? Haha! Go ahead, put their service to test :) Here's the link to their menu should you want to try their restaurant. Contact them before going!
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Sweater and yellow, white, purple bangles: Mango| Shorts and belt: Giordano| Bag: Tommy Hilfiger| Shoes: from Bangkok

10 April 2013

These Songs of Freedom

Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our mind.

I have to borrow lines from Bob Marley's Redemption Song for that perfect 'short but scarily concise' words to describe my state of mind at the moment. Besides, it's summer time here so it's but understandable to excessively listen to Bob Marley songs. Anyhoo, I attended my cousin Vince's 12th birthday party last 5th of April. Here's what I wore:
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It's my finals week as we speak but I couldn't find the willpower to even reach for any of my books. I mean, the heat is enough to make me dizzy, why put another agony in the form of forcing myself to study? Right? Hahaha I'm kidding! If you were in my shoes, I would push you to study but since it's me, well I heed what my favorite song in Moulin Rouge says - come what may. Matter of fact, I just finished watching a few of my favorite movies namely Armageddon, The Day After Tomorrow  and 2012. What do you call their genre? Is it sci-fi, historical epic drama, end-of-the-world morbid scary movies or what? I don't know about you but I find these movies very entertaining. Add Pearl Harbor and Titanic (although they're both not about the apocalypse) to the growing roster and I swear you can expect me completely hooked to the tube. What I love the most about these films is the resounding knowledge that, should the last day of the Earth really dawns on us, I'd belong in the first-to-die list. I noticed that only the highly intellectual people have a shot at being saved. I'm sure somewhere out there, a group of thinkers whose ideas and visions I will never fathom are devising a strategy that gives hope to the human race. I believe a Noah's Ark is in the works. I also believe that I will not live to see that day. Only those who are extremely intelligent enough who understand why certain phenomena are happening and skillful enough to restart the human civilization will be the passengers of that saving ark. Blame my fondness of this topic on my admiration to those movies that blow my brains out :)
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I love Bob Marley songs, don't you? They're the perfect feel good music for summer. Oh! I'm moving from Story Lane to another website for my paper works. Check it out HERE if you want to read some of the things I've worked on in college :)
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Top: sewn by my grandmother| Shorts: Greenhills Tiangge| Shoes: CMG

05 April 2013

I'm Chasing the Sun

Just one more week and I'll be done and over with my finals for the term. Just one more week and it'll officially be summer for me :)
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A few weeks ago, I attended a seminar for a certain activity that I would have loved to do this summer. I've psyched myself into thinking that I'd be somewhere far and fun. Up to some extent, I've even imagined how I will go about my daily rituals in that far away place. I was willing to sacrifice my other pre-planned activities for that one ultimate trip. I was excited, to say the least. And then the bad news broke out. What I've been looking forward to suddenly vanished into thin air. All of a sudden, the odds turned against me. I can't anymore go because I failed to meet the requirements my mom and the activity have entailed. Was I saddened? Definitely. Was I sullen? Immensely so. Did I brood over it? For a few days, yes. But after, I snapped back. Getting past the disappointments is probably one of my weak points. I can't easily accept things that don't go my way. Especially if I've employed all means just to get it. I'm not exactly the 'sore loser' type but if the battle is not against someone like in a competition, rather it's against things that are faceless, that can't fight back in the strict sense of the word, that are unchangeable, that's another story. Acceptance takes time but once I've fully understood why things happen, I move on and never look back at it with the same bitter taste that I've once had. That's life.
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This is what I wore last Easter Sunday when the family decided to eat some organic Swiss food in Antipolo. I'm going to post the other pictures next, IF I'll be able to convince myself to type another story. Hihihi
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Denim dress used as top: Lulu Castagnette| Belt: Divisoria| Vest: Esprit| Skirt: from my Lala Ester| Shoes and bracelet: from Platinum Mall, Bangkok| Bag: Tommy Hilfiger| Glasses: Aldo| Hat: SM Dept Store| Watch: from my friend
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