16 April 2013

Sampling Swiss Cuisine

Our family went to Antipolo to celebrate the Easter. We chose Vieux Chalet because we were instantly charmed with its organic home-made food sets. They serve exquisite Swiss food that can make you forget you're on a diet. "What summer body? This home-made butternut ice cream is so good! Another scoop please!" We stayed overnight in their inn as well because aside from the food, we love some R&R in action. They offer spa services too. I want to personally give a shout out to Rico, their manager who had been nothing short of the perfect host. I forgot the name of the butler assigned to my family but he greatly deserves a big fat thank you from us as well. There are nearby resorts there in which amenities are more modern but why did we choose Vieux Chalet?
1. We're a family who has people anxiety. Why stay in a place jampacked with people like us who want to relax when you can opt for another smaller resort that you can rent all for yourselves? We're for complete relaxation and reconditioning.
2. We're a family who loves food. We devour anything edible, maybe not so much on the greens, so it's no wonder that, well, all of us in the family are a little chubby. So when we were told that our ricotta cheese is organic and our veal bratwurst is homemade, it was a sure go! Finally, food for not-so-health-conscious eaters with lesser calories.
3. Who doesn't want a butler who dance-attendance to all your whims and requests? Are you kidding me? Don't you want an Alfred for yourself? Haha! Go ahead, put their service to test :) Here's the link to their menu should you want to try their restaurant. Contact them before going!
 photo IMG_2356-3_zpsec08e27e.jpg
 photo rsz_3_zps8e8a18b4.jpg
 photo IMG_2371-2_zps6e771eab.jpg
 photo IMG_2382-2_zps9950dc37.jpg
 photo 2-5_zps8e12919a.jpg
 photo IMG_2369-2_zpsd19804d4.jpg
 photo IMG_2374-2_zpsa7ba6c41.jpg

Sweater and yellow, white, purple bangles: Mango| Shorts and belt: Giordano| Bag: Tommy Hilfiger| Shoes: from Bangkok


  1. Can i be part of your family? I'd like to always go out and eat. Please adopt me.
    Setting joke aside, I love the different shades of blue. Adorable pair of flats!!
    I know its scorching hot but continue to enjoy summer!!


  2. oh my, all that food :P it's driving me crazy, especially since it's pretty much the end of the workday and I'm quite hungry. those pictures are not helping me at all, haha.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. That outfit is so cute!!
    Much love,


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