20 October 2009


I had the worst practice for Cheering so far :| :(
It all happened yesterday, 19 October. We had our batch practice at the plaza. I left my purse for awhile to attend to the Cheerdancers since they rely on the steps I was about to teach greatly. When I came back for my purse, I opened its pockets. I was shocked to see the second pocket empty. I brought 3K because of some things I need to pay like the car's gasoline and my driver's food (I was to go someplace after classes). There was nothing left, even down to the cents. I hurriedly checked on the first pocket to see if my phones were still there or were they stolen too. Good enough, they were there. Then it dawned on me, that the only people who went near my purse were my batchmates. One of my batchmates probably is the culprit. And I hate the thought that even I wasn't spared from this kind of dishonesty.

Bottomline is, I really shouldn't expect people to be like what I expected them to be. So now, I am penniless for the whole week. I couldn't tell my mom about what happened cause she just might get mad at me for being so irresponsible. I hate the feeling of having no money, for real.

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