30 October 2009

After Shock

I don't accept losing easily especially if I did my best. After hearing the questionable result of the Cheerdancing competition 2009, I got so emotional. Enough of my bitterness. After the last day of Intrams, almost everyone in our batch had somewhere to go to. Some were to go to Katipunan and some were to go to Commonwealth, as originally planned. As for me, I wanted to go nowhere but home. My friends didn't let me since they know how bad I felt. I agreed with their plans of cheering me up. Jerone, Jeanne, Jana, Angelica, Ver and I went to Fun Ranch :)) It's fun going to a place where kids rule. We were able to act as freely as any kid can. We had our dinner in Tiendesitas. My bad mood was erased, all thanks to the effort of my friends to cheer me up.


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