24 November 2014

Whiny Little Brat

I miss my pathetic whiny self who used to blog way back in 2009 about things that don't go my way, people who annoy me, and how materialistic a High Schooler I was. Fast forward to 2014 and nothing really has changed. Perhaps except that, I now know how to sugarcoat things. Haha!

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Polka-dotted top: from Korea | Skirt: Mango | Glasses : People Are People| Shoes: Aldo | Ring: Aldo | Bracelets: from Bangkok

These days, my dad is putting responsibilities on my shoulder by assigning tasks that would (hopefully) help his company as it meets the demands of the projects for November. I'm particularly designated in the Pacquiao fight department, which I am enthusiastic for since there's hardly any marketing effort needed to sell his pay-per-view right aside from being contacted to set up satellite dishes for. He's Pacquiao; and to every Filipino, myself included, he's a hero. As soon as the 2nd week of November set in, everyone in the company devoted the bulk of its brain and labor to the boxing champ's fight. I had to call tens of cinema managers all over Luzon to secure passes. It was tiring but I couldn't help but feel very excited!

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I'm petulantly stopping myself from spouting out my fangirl screams over Pacquiao's overwhelming win against Algieri yesterday because I cannot articulate my happiness into precise words without shrieking aloud. Algieri, on one hand, impressed me not so much for his boxing style although his endurance to have lasted for 12 rounds was laudable but because of how much of a gentleman he's been in accepting his defeat. (I'm not discounting that his academic accomplishments wowed me more initially). All in all, the fight served its purpose in establishing that Manny's on his way back to the top after his defeat from Marquez in 2012.

For having put the Philippines on the map, there has to be some percentage of immunity bestowed on Pacquiao. The principle covers his tax issues. Perhaps I'm misinformed or my knowledge, as usual, is limited (it still baffles me how I've gotten a really good grade in my Income Taxation class to be honest) but he has to be awarded a leeway.

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Unlike the satellite dishes my Dad occasionally installs at home whenever there's a big international sports event that we want to tune into, this time's satellite is as small as a wee baby. Boo. My closet is shrinking, I noticed, that's why I have no choice but to constantly re-use my clothes. To somehow offer the illusion of a dress, I picked my top and skirt in the same print. Oh the problems of a penniless girl. Woe is me! Hahahahaha.

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