29 October 2014

Coffee Date

I'm in a desperate position at the moment so even though I'm still sporting my long hair in the first photoset and the outfit is only an incidental accessory, not the focal point of the story, just let it slide and chalk it up to my laziness to take more recent photos. 

 photo 1-2_zps32a9f05a.jpg
Toby's Estate (Century City Mall)
Dress: Giordano | Cropped army-print top used as jacket: from Bangkok | Sandals: Celine
I love meeting friends over a cup of tea, though the word 'tea' has different connotations depending on who I'm sharing it with. (With my HS friends, it's never been just the comforting kind.) I rarely drink coffee so to me, tea is my cup of tea. But there were a few instances that I had to pick coffee over my all-time favorite because we purposefully sought out certain coffee shops to sample their trendy handcrafted beverages. The list of the coffee places we'd like to try is HERE

 photo 1937895_10152496233046530_1005113684_n_zps6fd29df7.jpg
Matgalne Korean Restaurante (Kalayaan Ave., Makati)
Up to this day, it still amazes me whenever Lina and I wear clothes in the same hue. We've never discussed what we'll wear beforehand so it's fascinating when we find ourselves facing each other with the same "we're matchy matchy today!" expression. Of course, things got funnier when her boyfriend Julian showed up in the same green and white combo. Should I say that we're just a bunch of kids who pay their respects to their beloved Alma Mater by wearing its official colors? Haha! 

Months later, we met up again for a quick break from our daily engagements. This time, we checked in in Intercontinental Hotel. 
 photo IMG_5363_zps075dddcc.jpg
 photo IMG_5369_zps8637cf2a.jpg
 photo IMG_5362_zps66b9446a.jpg
 photo IMG_5370_zps224cd3ac.jpg
 photo IMG_5361_zps17b788e1.jpg
 photo IMG_5372_zps161058a7.jpg
Swimsuit: Dorothy Perkins | Sweater: Ralph Lauren | Shorts: Zara | Bag: Juicy Couture

For dinner, we met up with Debs in Commune Cafe which is another coffee shop in the list. 
 photo IMG_5379_zpsf839cdcc.jpg
 photo IMG_5378_zps80671f2b.jpg
 photo IMG_5375_zps84a2bfb3.jpg
 photo IMG_5377_zpse056cf0b.jpg

Having read plenty of courtroom novels, there's one thing that I came to realize. The law provides rules to ensure that the citizens would live only within the structure. Once someone goes astray, there will be consequences equivalent to the weight of the action. What the law doesn't state but implies is that, most of the time, it equivocates in favor of the argument that best tugs at the emotional level. Let's call this emotional loophole. A person who's being tried for murder can get away with it if the lawyers are cunning enough to design a strategy that will appeal to the judge or the jury's emotions. (Yes, I'm referencing to a sensational case.) It really pays to be manipulative, isn't? It makes me think that a case's success lies not on the evidences but on how crafty the lawyer is, may it be the prosecutor or the DA. A person whose IQ is only average shouldn't be allowed to enter the law school, right?

We all live in a world where butterflies exist and flowers bloom while elsewhere, there lies a body that's been robbed off of its breath just seconds ago. I'm not being morbid. I'm plainly stating facts. Picoult succinctly explained why there are deviations in the society. "There couldn't be a bad guy unless there was a good guy to create the standard. And there couldn't be a good guy until a bad guy showed just how far off the path he might stray."

My very very very close friend Lina, who's currently in her first year in law school, is among my few friends who tolerate me when I start inquiring about murder cases and for added awesomeness, she gives sound opinions and corrections. See, one moment I would endlessly search about gory cases and the next I would obsess on what mundane article of clothing to buy next. Hahaha.

 photo IMG_5365_zps898bc7e2.jpg

Thanks for the photos, Lins!

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