07 October 2014

No Shit, Sherlock

If I were to collate a dictionary containing words that I've encountered for the first time as I read a novel, the thickest of which would have to be that of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes. I have absolutely high praises for the character of the famous detective. Partly because he is exceptionally observant, proving that not even the tiniest of details could escape a mind that's capable of comprehension beyond what average minds can do, but mostly because his adventures are recounted in short stories, which is exactly perfect for night-readers like myself. 

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I figured my posts won't publish themselves on their own so much as I'm enjoying indulging my ever lazy bum, I'm forcing myself to spew out my usual psychobabbles here to keep the blog running. Anyway, a few weeks ago, here's the fate that has befallen my trusty laptop's charger. (A vital factor for my absence here) I could've easily bought a replacement in the mall but I opted to prolong my agony just because. The nonsensical sometimes makes sense to me. (No shit?)

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Maybe I can count off on my fingers the number of series I've watched completely in my entire life. I can't condition myself to patiently await an episode after another in-which the flow is of utmost importance. For this reason, I absolutely love BBC's Sherlock. One of my favorite stories is translated into modern times, with episodes written to accommodate multiple chapters from the different Sherlock Holmes novels, and the characters played by equally compelling actors. (Benedict Cumberbatch, anyone?) The tip of the ice berg is its three episodes per series production with at least two year interval in-between the series. Perfect for someone whose regards to time is normally suspended.

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As has been pointed numerous times,  BBC's Sherlock's writers Gatiss and Mofat are very praiseworthy for successfully adapting the novel into a TV show. The essence of the books, at least to my easily impressed eyes, which partly I believe is all about the power of words to drown its readers in its depth and partly to mesmerize through it's pre-, during, post- death accounts, was perfectly captured. Cumberbatch' Sherlock is just as calculative, sharp, and psychotic as described and retold in the novels. The writers were successful in preserving the books' scholarly lines and sarcastic albeit funny remarks without sacrificing easy comprehension. I'm not going to lie, the author's choice of words in the books sent me reaching for a dictionary, even dominating my phone's photo album because for every word that I don't understand, I screen-cap it for later's light-bulb moment.

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from Iconic Fictional Characters

You have to admit, Irene Adler got it right when she said that smart is the new sexy.

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Finally, let me wrap this post up with my photo. My photos are in no way related to Sherlock Holmes, I'm aware but let them be. They were taken a month ago. I'll leave this for now and the promise that the next post would be more coherent and quite possibly better in all aspects. Haha!

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