13 September 2014

And Listen to the Music of the Night

As for my taste in music, it's quite singular. My knowledge in almost everything that I consider myself an admirer of is disappointingly limited. Still, I'll attempt to talk about the kind of music I appreciate, albeit in hopes of not appearing a smart aleck but simply stating the facts.  

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Chiffon top: Mango | Skirt: Zara | Necklace: from bazaar area in Festival Mall | Shoes: Zara | Flower ring: Mango | Watch: Anne Klein

Unlike most of my friends, the songs I listen to are not eclectic. Sure, I sing along the songs of Taylor Swift and Katy Perry but I am definitely the least person in the room to be asked to plug in her iPod to the system for everyone else to hear. See, I am more of the broadway musical junkie but certainly not because I deem my taste superior to others but because had I been blessed with a powerful voice, I would have pursued a career in theater. Songs come alive when they are listened to in person, whilst the singer is in character, and whilst an orchestra serves as the accompaniment. Since I hardly have the voice, I settle with constant listening to these songs. 

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Perhaps an excessive devotion to Murakami's books led me to seek out the classical songs he keeps finding metaphorical representations in that's why lately, all my Youtube searches are compositions of Mozart's, Beethoven's, Bach's, and Tsaichovsky's. I haven't completely been convinced that I should declare them 'my jam' as of yet because to be completely honest and stripped off of the snobbish air, I haven't 'lost myself' in them yet. Then again I am particularly fond of Mozart so much so that I have entertained the thought that should I have a son one day, I might make his second name either Amadeus or Wolfgang (his principal name must start with a 'G'). One of my favorite films of all time is Milos Forman's Amadeus and since then, I have sought out other works, preferably in literature, that would shed a few more light on the person of the great composer. I've read half of Nancy Moser's Mozart's Sister but despite being gripped by the story, I had to stop because it was only later on that I read the author's forenote stating that although the events that were recounted were factual, a handful of it left gaps that she filled in as best as she could have done with her imagination. I couldn't read an account, even as fascinating as this book, with the goal of knowing facts when the novel's aim was to entertain. (On this note, I am truly to happy to have been born and raised in our times, where gender no longer becomes a measure of a person's success. Nanerl Mozart would have been great, perhaps even as great as the charming Wolfie.) While on my search of Mozart's compositions, I came across his operas. I haven't tried watching a full-length opera nor have I seen one even in Youtube that's why I can't say it's a genre I'll enjoy but I have listened to some arias and a few Puccini and Pavaroti to conclude that for 5 full minutes, this genre can hold me captive. I'll try to watch an entire 2-hour show and see if I can still say the same. 

Jed Madela's rendition of Nessun Dorma from the opera Turandot. 

It was only early this year when my Mom bought us tickets to watch her favorite Filipino artist on stage but the moment she learned he has a series of shows entitled 'All Requests' lined up, she bought tickets again. Last night, we were in Music Museum to watch Jed Madela showcase his out of this world vocals. The photos show what I wore. It was my first time in that venue which, although has been the smallest concert venue I've been to, proved to be the most intimate. Jed Madela is really among the finest singers in the country. Plus points to him because his voice is suited for the likes of broadway songs. Maybe even after hearing him sing live for 50 times, I'll never tire of him. 

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I think, classical music should be made available to everyone. After all, it's slowly seeping into the mainstream. Even 50 Shades of Grey's Christian Grey name-dropped almost all the popular compositions. (Can anything get more mainstream than 50 Shades of Grey? Almost everyone I know has read it including those who never even touched a book previously Hahahaha). My favorite is written by Bach (Suite No. 3 in No. 3 in D Major especially the Air or second movement) but on a general level, I like Mozart's the most. Of course for beginners like myself who wants to educate herself with classical, baroque, and other early types of music, there's always Tom & Jerry for easier appreciation.

The title I used is from The Phantom of the Opera's Music of the Night.

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