09 September 2014

Ladies Who Do No Wrong: Chiara Ferragni

If I can have it my way, I'd rather be strutting around the globe in designer outfit from head to toe, with my entourage in tow. To me, this idea could only be a distant dream that I won't even try to catch but to Chiara Ferragni, it's the life she's living.

You have to give it to her, in an industry where everyone is aesthetically pleasing and their income coming from an influx of products who wish to 'dress you', 'feed you', or just 'use you' thereby making it difficult to to decline a sponsorship even if the product doesn't represent who they really are, she has been successful in tapping into a niche market. Let's give credit to her then boyfriend Riccardo Pozzoli (this is an attempt at my part to drop his name as he is absolutely deserving of the commendation as well. Not to mention he and Chiara used to be my favorite blogger couple) who's one half of the brain that strategically planned where Chiara's career as a blogger should pan out. Whereas other bloggers are non-discriminative of brands, accepting whatever comes their way, Chiara Ferragin (with the help of Pozzoli) concentrated on targeting the high-end market. She dressed herself in designer stuff, which seems ostentatious to others, that eventually everyone who are someone in the designer labels industry welcomed her presence. Furthermore, her importance was acknowledged.

Here is the living Barbie doll of the blogging industry:

 photo cf_zps389537b2.jpg photo cf2_zpscc1f0839.jpg
 photo cf3_zps81573f3d.jpg photo cf14_zps316a2e35.jpg
 photo cf7_zpsf6954f96.jpg photo cf12_zpsd694b38b.jpg
 photo cf17_zpsad36df1d.jpg photo cf8_zpsd994cfa3.jpg
 photo cf16_zps4f0f22a6.jpg photo cf10_zpse9b78428.jpg
 photo cf11_zps27ffe99c.jpg photo cf19_zpsb6c6d2cf.jpg
 photo cf18_zpsc8fed097.jpg photo cf5_zps8aec3cda.jpg

All photos from theblondesalad.com

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