04 September 2014

Treated As Underdogs

... or simply overlooked?

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Inner tube top: People Are People | Top: Mango | Pants: Zara | Shoes: Dorothy Perkins | Bangles: Aldo | Headband: Girlshoppe

I'm probably making the proverbial mountain out of molehill when I confronted my cousin's teachers because they didn't inform her that a certain dress code has to be observed for an elocution contest where she has been chosen as contestant. Here's the thing. (It's getting boring to keep on iterating this fact but for emphasis' purposes, allow me.) I only have two first cousins in the country. 3 are in Canada, 3 in US, and 2 in Aussi so it is no wonder that I spoil those whom I'm physically closest to. I absolutely adore my cousin Rayne to the point that I'm making her an extension of myself, sort of like my mini-me. By that I mean I'm willingly passing my queen brat throne to her. By that I also mean when she wants something, be it a toy, dress or a pair of shoes, she has to have it probably not at once but definitely eventually, provided it's within a reasonable time. I'm her cousin, not her mother, so I'm sorry but I'm not really out there to discipline her. Haha! Imagine how a budding 'brat' would feel if she finds herself amidst a group of 19 other kids dressed in their best Filipiniana costumes while she's only in school uniform. I feel so sad for her especially as I'm the reigning best in Filipiana costume when I was in elementary, all thanks to my grandmother who's a seamstress. Year after year after year, she makes me an outstanding gown which I proudly wear. (I'll look for my photos and then perhaps blog about them someday!) Rayne called me up after her contest and told me she feels sad because 'the girls are wearing beautiful dresses'. To compensate for her sadness, I immediately sought out a Queen Elsa dress that would match her 12-year old frame despite being only almost 6 years old, for her to wear on her advanced birthday celebration in school. I believe that every girl should have a chance to redeem herself, royally and unforgettably. 

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I think I take things too personally when it comes to people I consider important to me (which, to be perfectly honest, only consist of a few). Sometimes I fight battles on behalf of a friend who has been wronged even though I am in no way involved in it (I think this is why I used to dislike a certain person in HS. She's so much like me actually and I believe we could've been great friends given that she's as opinionated and as 'cunning' as me but she has wronged three of my friends then). I'm not a war-freak nor do I instigate anything but I'm good at retaliating. I've had my entire childhood as training grounds, you see. When you have brothers for siblings, there's no room for girly girly retaliations. It's either all out war (or wrestling can do) or all out crybaby (or a good tattletale. My parents normally take my side) Hahaha!

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When an underdog rises to the top, it's laudable. When an underdog finishes up last, it's understandable. It makes me wonder, is it alright to be considered an underdog? Doesn't it imply that when a person is touted as an underdog, it's because he's never viewed as a strong contender? That the person is not a threat; probably the last person in the room to be considered as the winner? Perhaps my reasoning is faulty but I've never wanted myself to be an underdog. I'm an all-or-nothing person, remember? 

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I dedicated my entire Wednesday to accompany Rayne in the daycare center. I had to make sure she feels good and happy this time. Of course wearing a gown (with matching cape pa yun, look closer!) wouldn't make it all better, assuming that she's becoming my child version. A few more gifts and equally impressive tokens in loot bags did the trick. Here are a few photos of her and her friends. She's not the eldest in her Preparatory class, believe me!

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The trick in appreciating an honest-to-goodness post such as this is untangling the actual truth from the sarcastic tone. I write to entertain. Haha!

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