11 July 2014

Toujours déçu

As pretentious as I've described myself as, allow me to use French phrases/sentences for my titles for the rest of the month. (Better use what my mom paid up for, right? Hahaha) 

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Dress: Zara | Shoes: Topshop | Belt: Rajo Laurel | Ring: G by Guess

How does one stop from chasing a dream that always spirals her down to the point of a breakdown?

I've read somewhere that Superman was created by two men who reached rock bottom of their lives. When they couldn't find something or someone to help them, let alone save their own selves, they decided to make a hero. Threw some powers that are beyond what a human being is capable of, added a love interest, and complemented the story with a villain that makes the balance of nature at an equilibrium, and just like that, their problems were solved. You would not believe how easy we all succumb to the idea that someone has the solutions we're seeking for. That a powerful someone can just step in whilst we're in the midst of a dilemma, bring us to someplace else, return to defeat the opponent, and carry us back. How I wish there's someone who can do that for me now.

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Among all the superheroes, my favourite has to be Batman. I'm way past believing that a superhero who can fly or has superhuman strength is ever going to save me from my own misery. I like Batman because he has what I deem as the most powerful tool and has the most incredible ability that is within anyone's reach but is proving to be very elusive as well - he fights using his brain. He reminds me that it is possible to unlock all the labyrinths our minds have built on their own if only we're curious enough. It does not hurt, as is the case always, that he's a billionaire and a genius. Oh and that his latest movie franchise adaptation has been by the prolific Christopher Nolan's  The Dark Knight in the person of Christian Bale.

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There's a bigger battle out there, and it's up to us whether we'll champion it or sit around until someone else is declared the victor.  No 9 lives, no Kryptonite weakness, no spider webs, no adamantium claws, but with cape. It's always been about the cape, hasn't it?

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We spent last weekend in Clark to celebrate my mommy's birthday. The irony of not having a photo with my mom but still dedicating this post to her is not lost in me.

“I didn’t know what was worse: to have your shot and screw it up, or to never have had a shot in the first place.” 
I've never liked solving riddles. But I guess I have no choice but to at least try to understand them, especially since a lot of them are being thrown in my way.

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