04 July 2014

Ladies Who Do No Wrong: Olivia Palermo-Huebl

With a face and physique like hers, not to mention a boyfriend who's every inch her equal, how can Olivia Palermo go wrong?

The moment I decided to come up with posts about ladies who I believe seldom, if not never, commit fashion faux pas, I've thought of having Olivia Palermo in them. Because whatever she puts on herself, it looks inspiring and wearable enough to make me buy similar looking articles. (You see, I have no resources to buy the exact copy just yet). But when I was just about to select my favorite outfits of hers, something would always stop me. I.e. I'd see new photos of her rocking an even more impressive outfit. So I thought a mere post could not encapsulate her always on-point sartorial choices. But her very recent wedding to her fiancé became the tipping point for me to force myself into choosing her best looks so far. If before I'm already in awe of her fashion brilliance, now I completely believe that she's on top of her game. I never thought she'd wear a conventional gown but I never guessed that she'd sport sweater and shorts on her big day. Alright, the Carolina Herrera tulle skirt made it a darling but still. OP has plenty of surprises in her indeed. She has elevated the idea of a wedding gown. Bravo, bravo.

And you know what I like most about her?

She repeats her clothes over and over and still, she looks as though her wardrobe is limitless. Mix and match master. Print-mixing master. Hair and make up master. These are photos showing her expertise in mix and matching and in clashing prints:

 photo OPd3_zps54334f4d.jpg photo OPd2_zpsd946dbb0.jpg photo OPd_zps7feacab6.jpg photo OPd4_zps36e77ccf.jpg
 photo OPe2_zps161766e1.jpg photo OPe_zpsc5b6637c.jpg photo OPe4_zps1c4289d3.jpg photo OPe3_zpsc947c584.jpg
Skirt - Sweater
 photo OPb_zps30f5b2aa.jpg photo OPb2_zpsa948e3a7.jpg photo OPb3_zpsa83c7fd2.jpg
Top - Skirt
 photo OPa_zps1cf784e7.jpg photo OPa2_zpsc6cad100.jpg photo OPa4_zps8cc8f592.jpg
 photo OPk3_zps445e6f4e.jpg photo OPk_zpsa3d231ea.jpg photo OPk2_zps91d8a8e4.jpg
Top - Shorts
 photo OPh_zps98432d3b.jpg photo OPh2_zps45d72a6c.jpg photo OPh3_zpsecb66527.jpg
 photo OPf_zps8ffdd14b.jpg photo OPf5_zpsd9557962.jpg photo OPf2_zps77667d4b.jpg photo OPf3_zpsd0c76372.jpg photo OPf6_zps09ddccac.jpg
 photo OPfave2_zps72f5c5f3.jpg photo OPfave6_zpsbb7985f1.jpg photo OPfave4_zps4cba55ef.jpg
 photo OPfave7_zps48d0f229.jpg photo OPj2_zps9029089d.jpg photo OPfave_zps035bb03e.jpg

And here are some more photos of the match made in fashion heaven:
 photo OP3_zpsda4c1372.jpg photo OP7_zps6ef5a8ae.jpg photo OP_zps8bba29b5.jpg
 photo OP10_zps1c45d4f5.jpg photo OPj_zpsa1f3de64.jpg photo OPc_zps34419cea.jpg
All photos from Olivia Palermo Style

As she is absolutely one of my favorite icons, this post is going to be for both June and July' Ladies Who Do No Wrong.

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