15 January 2017

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I still have plenty of  travel-related posts pending from 2016 namely: February – Hong Kong, March – China and Japan, May – Singapore, October – Hong Kong and Macau plus a few in-betweens that all took place here in the Philippines. But let me set them aside for a “few” more posts to give way to a 3-post about my Holiday 2016. Without a doubt, seeing my Valle cousins has been the highlight of Holiday 2016 if not the entire 2016.

 photo FullSizeRender 1_zpsfqe5njuk.jpg
 photo FullSizeRender 12_zpsvz0ebxei.jpg photo FullSizeRender 5_zpsygtldppa.jpg
Snow jacket - Puffer: Guess / Pants and gloves: Uniqlo / Snow boots: borrowed from my Tita /

 photo FullSizeRender 13_zpsmws9heu5.jpg
 photo FullSizeRender_zpsbypqvyrx.jpg photo FullSizeRender 14_zpswufs0xcv.jpg
 photo FullSizeRender 3_zpsilatjnwf.jpg

My younger brother Gio, being in the US for his practicum, paved way for the happenstance of the entire family’s Holiday vacation. My cousins from Australia flew in a week earlier than we did. Once everyone was in the US, the riot began. The snow, much to the disappointment of all the adults and the annoyance of my younger cousin Alexandra, only showed up in the morning of 6 January; by then, everyone else had returned to their respective home countries save for Gio and I. Just the same, we all drove to Wisp Resort to ski and just to enjoy in and the snow.

 photo FullSizeRender 7_zpsjhq9udmz.jpg photo FullSizeRender 9_zpsdz50wq4v.jpg
 photo FullSizeRender 15_zps3yqnpitm.jpg
 photo FullSizeRender 11_zpsfmb5ad3e.jpg photo FullSizeRender 10_zpshl20qybo.jpg photo FullSizeRender 4_zpsfe7hnbfi.jpg

 photo FullSizeRender 8_zpskdsqh93p.jpg
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 photo IMG_9208_zpsw7gbcwck.jpg photo FullSizeRender 6_zpsvr8im7xc.jpg

This will be the 1st of numerous USA-related posts.

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