16 December 2016

There Are Storms That We Cannot Weather

My Grandmom and I watched the production of Les Miserables in Solaire Theatre last April 2016. I kid you not when I tell you that during the 15-minute interval between the 2 Parts of the show, a refined-looking woman (her Chanel 2.55 was dangling from her shoulder while her Rolex-clad left wrist was pointing at me. I have quick eyes on strangers talking to me hahahaha just kidding, she just really looked so elegant that I couldn’t help but give her the once-over)  approached me and complimented me on the top that I was wearing. Lala and I were queuing in line at the loo when she just started conversing with me. She said that she would want to get her daughter the exact same top. I was so touched and grateful that not only did I give her the website from where she can order it but I also offered her personal delivery, provided that she lives in Metro Manila. I was very much touched because you see, I was wearing a top from my friend and I’s clothing brand, ARKIPELAGO (Nothing makes me happier these days than hearing positive comments about our clothes hehehehehe)
 photo FullSizeRender 7_zpsz7gz9cts.jpg photo FullSizeRender_zps4pbpksq5.jpg
Top: ARKIPELAGO / Pants and Heels: Zara / Coat: from Malaysia / Bag: Goyard / Watch: Tag Heuer
Regarding the musical, perhaps it’s because there’s already a movie to which I can readily compare the production with (although I know that they are 2 separate mediums so as such, they should be evaluated using different parameters yet still), that I did not like the production at all. I couldn’t feel anything from Fantine nor Eponine’s deaths. Not even Gavroche could make me sympathize with their plight. Then again, it could be because I normally respond better to the villains, to those who do the atrociousness, to those who unmercifully do what they need to do to get what they want. Between Jean Valjean and Javert, I’m more Team Javert. Don’t misunderstand me though. I’ve absolutely loved the movie version so it’s not the story that bored me. It’s the rendition. I hated it more than I hated Daisy of The Great Gatsby and that’s saying a lot.

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Now on to more important matters: THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!!!! I’m so excited for all the things my family has planned for this year. I haven’t seen my younger brother Gio for a year now due to his internship in the US but it seems that I’m about to see him in a few days yahoo!! Why is it that whenever it’s Christmas, aside from the pounds that add on to my usual weight and the excitement that envelopes me, it’s also the time of the year when I start questioning if I’ve done things in the past year that have brought me closer to the grand future that I wish for myself. And I guess it’s been a universal Christmas theme in my blog to ask the same questions year after year, only in different methods. Like HERE or HERE or HERE.

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Nonetheless, the Holiday Season will always be my favorite season, no matter how good, bad, or worse, nondescript the year turned out to be. And make no mistake, crises brought on by my tendencies to embrace shallowness eclipse all other crises, existential ones included. Hahahaha

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