02 December 2009

The Poster

Just what exactly does it take someone to finally accept defeat? Fast paced. For the nth time, I found myself aloof and detached from what's happening around.
Quote above doesn't have anything to do with this entry. It just sort of stuck in my head :)) Our Play Prod has been occupying most of the time I reserved for myself every weekend for the past week. Somehow, I'm starting to feel the weight of it all, heavy loaded and more. Not that I have any right to complain considering that for the first time in my entire life in HS, I didn't play any important or vital part in our class production. :)) So yeah, I'm starting to become a bore I know =))

Here's our draft of Paranoia's Poster:
I tried editing. It's nothing compared to Micheau's edits though (Claps to Cha Valeriano)

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