07 December 2009

Second Best

So much for the title...

Why does my best seem to be not enough? Sounds like a cliche but it's not. For consecutive events now, all I get out of the effort I didn't fail to exert, was what was deserved of the second best. I mean, I exerted extra effort (compared to what I did in my Junior year :D) to make whatever event I belong into produce something worthwhile and yet I get nothing out of it - if disappointments and the like don't count. :))

We didn't bag the grand prize in the Play Prod. But still, we could use even just a pinch of appreciation you know :-":)) I'm no hypocrite to say that that didn't bother me okay? HAHA. Enough of my sarcasm =)) Finally, I'd like to commend Cha Valeriano for doing an excellent job in Micheau's production, her class being the recipient of the best play prod award.

Anne De Tilly

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