27 December 2010

Christmas Eve

December 24 photo documentary

We left for Quezon around 5 AM. 

Amama taught me and my brothers how to ride on a horse when I was around 2 years old
This mini-garden has been in the Valle ancestral house in Quezon for more than 40 years

I didn't have the courage to take pictures of how his casket looked like, or even how the flowers looked like. I didn't even have the courage to look at him.
We left for Manila around 10 PM to celebrate Noche Buena with the Peraltas.
Ignoring the blurry part, I guess you could pretty much see that there were no cars in SLEX, a first!

All thanks to Dulcelin Gourmet for all the sumptuous meals we had for our Noche Buena.


Go ahead, make my day :)

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