17 December 2010

Santa's Little Helper

Take it from the title. I'm a helper, and I'm little. Hahaha. Mom allowed me to help in the wrapping of the gifts even if I do not know how to actually do it. I was so insistent in helping cause I read from somewhere that even the effort you exerted in wrapping the gift is still part of the entire present.

 Holiday Greetings from Ricky, Dindin, Gian, Gellie and Gio
 all the gifts that we are to give this Christmas are wrapped in our personalized gift wrappers

8 days to go 'til Christmas!

P.S. I wish my parents will allow me to do my Christmas shopping at midnight. The traffic inside and outside the malls is trying my patience. Good thing new acquisitions make me smile. And of course, the bigger it gets, the better it becomes. Hahaha.

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