24 December 2010

With all these Christmas cheers...

Daddy is soooooo in this Christmas fever too! He brought me and my two brothers to the malls in 2 consecutive days, a first in our entire bonding moments. Believe it or not, my dad abhors the Christmas rush in malls. So it was really something when he announced that we're going to the mall last wednesday. He allowed us to enter all the shops that we want, provided that we would wait for each other until we finish looking at each rack. My brothers patiently waited for me, another first in the history of our bonding moments! Finishing with big smiles on our faces, we headed for home. Just as we were about to alight from the car, Dad said that he wasn't satisfied just yet. What other way to satisfy his want but to go out again the next day right? So there!!! :D After buying all the things he thinks he needs, we headed for Tito Roy's company's Christmas Party.

 Behind me are plenty of gifts for the loyal employees of Tito Roy, excluding the ones I'm carrying
These are for me!!!

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