10 December 2010

When it seems the magic slipped away, we find it all again on Christmas Day.

The Christmas season is definitely in the air already. I can see it come alive every night, whenever I pass along houses and places which are heavily-adorned with Christmas decorations and lights. I can hear it, whenever I put on my headphones and turn on my laptop. And I can feel it, whenever I sit in front of the TV, holding my mug of hot chocolate, and enjoying the DVDS of my favorite Christmas-themed movies. Indeed, my favorite season of the year has already arrived.

If I would to recommend one movie which truly encapsulates what Christmas for me is, it will certainly be The Polar Express. Ever since it has been released in 2004, I have never failed to watch it year after year. Watch it, it will boost your Christmas spirits ;)

Here's a song from the movie which I hope will express my Christmas greetings to everyone who finds time to be here in my blog :>

Thank you to all those who have let me take 
pictures of your fancy Christmas decors!


  1. Keep on posting. It means a lot to us...:) - Lala

  2. Aww, that has been by far the sweetest comment I've received. Thank you :"> :">


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