30 December 2010

His Last Day

My past entries revolved around the unexpected death of my great grandfather. What other way to end these entries but to post how his wake ended as well. We were all asked to wear white tops, polos particularly. I didn't have any intention to dress up or go against the dress code so I picked the first white polo I laid my hands on. Had I a choice, I would have opted to wear a white dress. I won't story what happened in the last mass offered to him nor will I tell all the teary details of his internment. I think that's too personal ;)

 There were 47 priests who celebrated the Last Mass, including the Bishop
 It was raining that day (Sept 29). It felt like we were in a movie scene, all raining and crying :))
Without this bib necklace, I would have looked plainer than I did in my white polo and pants


  1. My condolences to your grandfather's.

    But I love the bib necklace you wore, very outstanding!
    Also, the Dulcelin gourmet mango torte is my ultimate favorite!

  2. I'm sorry about your granddad :(

    P.S. I love your necklace Happy New Year

  3. So sorry about your grandfather. I send the best of wishes to you and your family!



  4. Thank you guys! :) I followed each of you back :>


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