17 February 2014

Changing Colors

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Sometimes, it's easier to speak in metaphorical tongue rather than state the obvious. Say something out of your ordinary babbles and everyone around you would assume that there's a problem in your corner. Explaining why I did what I just did isn't exactly one of my strong suits. You see, there's a difference between explaining the facts as you saw them and being defensive about the circumstances. And often in that difference, do I find myself misinterpreted by most. To prevent myself from getting entangled into deeper complications, let's leave the obvious and start with the metaphorical context. 

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Dress: Daniel Hechter | Bag: Ralph Lauren | Shoes: BGBG | Watch: Anne Klein

2 days before the graduation, all the would-be graduates were called to school for our third to final (there was the Recognition Rites the following day which I opted not to attend anymore) school activity. And let me tell you there's no better way for you to feel you're truly graduating than wearing your toga for the first time. It's in that instance where we all had to put it on did I feel the completion of all the things I worked for in the past 3 and a half years. That was it, I was truly graduating. More than the excitement though, I was bothered. I'm a very sprightly person. I hate doing nothing. Whether I'm doing something I would benefit from in the future or doing something that would incriminate me eventually, I always prefer being busy. That's why I couldn't get off my frustration, even when I was already in my academic attire. I knew I was headed to a few months (which I hope will end soon) of nothingness. Who knows how the rest of the year would unfold for me and though I do not despise the unknown, I fear the future. 

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Enough of my sentiments! 
If I were to study college once more, I would've chosen De La Salle University over and over and over again. I highly doubt there's a more suitable university for me in the country. I liked all the competent professors (Sir Gojocco who taught me Philosophy, Sir Villacorta from my Great Works class, Sir Lim of Market1, Ms. Reyes who taught me Statistics2, and of course my thesis mentor Ms. Lysa were my favorites) I had the privileged to be under to, the top of the line technology used inside the campus, the well-constructed and decorated buildings especially the recently risen Henry Sy library, and of course the type of students who were admitted in DLSU. I'm not a snob but I take pride in knowing that majority of the people I came across with, either in a class we shared or just along the halls as we transferred from one building to another, are the future shapers of various industries in the country. 

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FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL MEMORIES YOU'VE LET ME EXPERIENCE, THANK YOU DLSU! I now understand why the graduates of this university are still in one with the activities of the present batches spiritually, physically, and financially. La Sallian education is indeed incomparable.

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Thank you for all the photos, Hannah!

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