14 March 2014


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Dress used as top: Mango | Dress used as skirt: Lulu Castagnette | Shoes: Mango | Belt: Topshop | Ring: Aldo

Two weeks after our successful thesis defense, we treated our thesis mentor to some steak and grilled meat in Highlands Steakhouse to nicely albeit formally end our a little more than 2 months 'bonding' and to celebrate the holiday season. It felt gratifying to have had this dinner where we talked about how the panelists reacted upon hearing the marketing plan we've prepared. To just talk about the last crazy week we had where 80% of the bulk of our paper was written served as the proper way to put a dot on our college life. Of course a glass or two of wine didn't hurt.

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I'm retiring the skirt I'm wearing here as I don't anymore see it fit with the kind of wardrobe I'm building. It's actually a dress I've worn HERE but I thought it could also work well as a skirt. As for the top, it's also a dress that I've worn before. When I'm feeling creative, which normally happens when I'm retiring an article of clothing, I try to go back to what I already own instead of using any of the new pieces I've bought. To make the outfit cohesive, I opted to wear belt and shoes in the same hue. The ring completed the look.

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 photo IMG_3918_zps3ec2bc32.jpg
 photo IMG_3904_zps099e0fb7.jpg photo IMG_3920_zps1dc2cfba.jpg
After dinner with the thesis team, I met up with Tatiana to grab some drinks and catch up with each other's activities. (See you once you're back, Tats!)

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