31 March 2014

You Might As Well Be Amusing

Thank heavens I only have 8 or less posts in my draft box that are all about places and events I've been to last year. The photo documentary (photo dump, rather) posting really helps lazy personal documentarians like me, don't they? Anyway. Here is a batch of more recent photographs, taken only last February. As response to some invitations from local companies, I went on interviews in hopes that I'll be prepared for future job interviews. Despite the fact that I'm not seeking for stable employment at the moment, I want to get as much experience as I can for future purposes. Let me parrot myself back and say I am currently waiting for something to happen that will determine how the rest of my 2014 will unfold. Happening of such event works like a suspensive condition (sorry, I just have to blurt out a few words I picked up from my law classes, even something as basic as conditions). Anyway, here is what I wore to the very first job interview I've ever had.

 photo 5105edfd-240b-4d65-93b1-f78e69fe215e_zps49f73582.jpg
White peplum top: Mango | Black lace skirt: Zara | Shoes: BCBG | Bag: Coach | Black slim belt: Mango

 photo quote_zps1e178d06.jpg
Listen to Coco. Always listen to Coco. She knows what she's talking about. You might not get the part but at least dress it and make a lasting impression.
Image from HERE.

 photo IMG_2961_zps9d96bf93.jpg photo IMG_2958_zps287890d8.jpg
 photo IMG_2957_zps7490ad8e.jpg photo IMG_2960_zps6a25d0b0.jpg
It goes without saying that most of the times, I find myself in situations too difficult to handle that I don't even remember how I got entangled in them in the first place. Usually though, it's just because of my stupid stupid mouth who ends up blurting sentences after sentences that are not supposed to be spoken out aloud. To say I was candid and my answers spontaneous would be an understatement. I might have said things that made my interviewer laugh aloud but when you get right down to it, I think she thought I was more of a comic relief than a business research developer that their company is looking for. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed the interview which ended with the interviewer thanking me for a different yet surprisingly refreshing interview.  Also, don't worry. My legs are not twice as darker as my arms. It's just the lighting. 

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