27 November 2010

More like the Phantom of the Opera

I've developed a certain admiration for some of the operas and broadway presentations eversince I had an original copy of Wicked. From then on, I made it a point that I'll get to watch as many broadways as possible, may it be in DVD copy or hopefully, in broadway itself. Anyway, going back to what this blog is really about...

I attended Lourraine Hernandez' 18th birthday just a couple of hours ago in Wack wack Country Club. And as expected, her debut turned into another big reunion party of our batch. I jumped from one table to another, greeting and exchanging stories with the people who have never failed to make me feel that I'm in my comfort zone again.

Thank you, Loulai! For throwing another party and for making it possible for me, Karen and Barbs to be part of your 18 Treasures :)

They will forever be my favorite
my best friend Karen
 TRIBO :">
 Carmina, Jyn, Janica, Tini and Shiina
early birds


Go ahead, make my day :)

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