03 April 2014


My closet is predominantly black, around 80% statistically. At first, it was an unconscious habit of mine to pick up pieces in black whenever I shop. Eventually, wearing the hue became a source of comfort. It's been a challenge to incorporate colors in what I'm wearing everytime I go out this summer season due to limited choices. I try to shy away from black but most of the time I end up using it in an article or two. On to a different topic. I was supposed to wear a flattering tutu gown for my Daddy's birthday dinner last 7 March (and when I say flattering, it usually means elongating. I need all help that I could get just to appear average in height) which I found on Rajo Laurel's off-the-rack line in his Makati store. But plans changed. Instead of dinner, the celebration was scheduled to lunch time. Instead of a full course meal which I absolutely favor because that wouldn't entail any standing up, it ended up to be buffet style. There was no way I would endeavor to enter and exit a gustation battlefield in a long gown; not even if I'm a self-proclaimed supporter of aesthetic over comfort. 

 photo IMG_4433_zps7bd28487.jpg
Gown made of velvet and tutu: Rajo Laurel off-the-rack | Red belt with embellishments: Rajo Laurel
Here's what I was supposed to wear if plans went according to how I envisioned it. Since it didn't, this has to take back stage for now.

 photo black_zps2e222094.jpg
 photo IMG_2982_zps7ce432dc.jpg photo IMG_2983_zpsa6e0b767.jpg
 photo IMG_2978_zps8ce55e4f.jpg photo IMG_2984_zps626a7006.jpg
Top: Zara | Leather pants: Topshop | Necklace: H&M | Silver Shoes: Topshop | Watch: Tommy Hilfiger
This is what I ended up wearing. Black. Yet again. Perfect for me, at least. Haha! We sampled the food offering of the recently opened The Food Club which is along Macapagal. It's a must-try!!!

 photo IMG_2988_zps6f191b57.jpg
Shoes: Zara
When my feet started hurting, I changed into flats. The only problem was, I didn't bring any footwear to change into so what's a poor (albeit spoiled rotten) girl like me supposed to do? Ask from Daddy of course! Haha! Say hello to my new pair of shoes I bought when we passed by MOA.

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  1. okay, that gown looks breathtaking on you! I especially love the colour of the skirt part and the delicate belt. but the look you actually sported is as great as the dress, I have to say. super classy and chic!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me


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