07 April 2014

We Were Skipping School and Drinking on the Job

I just returned from a very tiring weekend getaway which served as my cousin's 13th birthday celebration. We went to Zoobic Safari in Subic for a quick morning activity then drove all the way to Bataan where we slept. I'll be posting a lengthy entry about it as soon as I've gotten the photos. Anyway.

I got the title from Lana Del Rey's This is What Makes Us Girls. It was what I was listening to when I was writing down my I'm a 90s Kid entry published last month. Now let me copy-paste myself to provide a short but spot on description of the kind of best friend - relationship I have with the birthday celebrant in this post.

Almost on a weekly basis, against all odds (and by odds I mean all schedule stoppage including, but not limited to, classes and intern work), we find time to meet. If we have to cut other prior arrangements, we do just so we can spend a few hours with each other.

 photo IMG_2864_zps2731baa2.jpg
 photo IMG_2860_zps64e48683.jpg photo IMG_2857_zps175a27ff.jpg
Top: H&M | Skirt: from my Lala | Shoes: Dorothy Perkins | Necklace: H&M
 Her birthday coincided with my shift as an intern. Perhaps the title and the lifted paragraph would suffice in explaining why I was out on a dinner with my friends instead of fulfilling my obligations as student-intern. (Would it help if I mention I still went to the store and waited there for roughly 5 minutes for whoever picked me up that night? No? Oh. Carry on then.) Well, it was for my best friend and besides, I asked a thesismate to fill in for my position. I know which strings to pull when push comes to shove, you know! Hahaha.

 photo IMG_3352_zps93109ded.jpg
Karen didn't have any plans to celebrate her 20th but because Jer and I insisted, she invited us to join her and her family as they dine in Yakimix that night. Pushy friends, if you must describe us. Arisa joined in as well. These photos were taken last 8 October 2013, by the way. 

 photo IMG_3358_zps650a1c61.jpg photo IMG_3357_zpsfb5e9136.jpg
 photo IMG_3354_zps16f4b0e9.jpg
A very kind waiter took our photos but just as we were about to leave, he asked if he can have a photo with us too. We politely agreed thinking he did us a favor first anyway. The funny thing happened afterwards. The rest of the staff who were on duty then including the manager flanked us. Cute right?

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